21 October – Art Week and what happens when it rains?!

It was our first Art Week of Year 2. Our focus was painting, building on our knowledge of primary and secondary colours to mix a wide range of shades. We looked at painting techniques such as how to create smooth finishes and clean edges to shapes. Inspired by Mondrian and Kandinsky, the children then painted their own compositions. Their Mondrian-inspired work is now displayed in our classroom and the children have enjoyed looking at each other’s finished pictures. There are a few photos below.

This week has seen a number of inconveniently timed downpours resulting in some time spent indoors at lunchtime. As soon as the rain lessens, the children head straight back out to enjoy space and fresh air. But whilst waiting for the inclement weather to pass, below are some snapshots of ‘rainy day play’ in Year 2! From games of jenga, chess and snakes and ladders to drawing and colouring to exploring the books in our class book corner, there is something for everyone. Lego is always popular as are the construction toys!

Finally, it has been an absolute pleasure to teach your children this half term. It was lovely to see everyone at Parent’s Evening and to be able to discuss your children’s learning. I hope you have a very restful half term.

Mrs Hunter