17 June – typesetting and egg and spoon races!

The children worked incredibly hard today as they learned all about typesetting in our history lesson. They discovered the art of setting letters and words from right to left so that when they were printed, they created a sentence in the correct order. They used role play to imagine how people might have felt when William Caxton first brought the printing press to England and then considered the impact of this new invention on society (a few photos are below). In PE, the children have been preparing for Sports Day and had great fun practising the egg and spoon race and balancing bean bags on their heads in a relay. They are working hard on controlling their ball using a racket in our tennis lessons too. In maths, we are coming to the end of our unit on measurement and are finishing with a look at thermometers and reading scales in increments of 2s, 5s and 10s. Hopefully, they will have plenty of time to practise reading higher temperatures on thermometers over the next week or so!

Enjoy your weekends,
Mrs Hunter