17 December – DT Week

This DT week complemented our recent history project of The Great Fire of London. The children were tasked with creating a model fire engine. The week began with an exploration of the features of a fire engine and how it differs from other vehicles. The children then built their own wheels, axles and chassis. They designed their own body for their vehicle, practising a range of cardboard joins that they incorporated into their prototype. Towards the end of the week, the children had built the body of their fire engine and attached it to their chassis with axles and wheels too. A first coat of paint has been applied! Next week, the children will add the final coat of paint, before adding hose pipes, ladders, windscreens and lettering. They have worked so hard this week and showed great team spirit as their worked with their peers. A few photographs are below.

I was very proud of their Christmas Zoom Concert on Friday. They worked so hard to learn their Christmas songs and were so excited to sing them for you. I hope you enjoyed it and we all have our fingers crossed that their next performances can be in person rather than via zoom.

I hope you have a super weekend,
Mrs Hunter