16 September – Scooting, Computing and Cheerleading

This week seems to have flown by. The children continue to impress us with their focus and hard work and have produced some super writing in the form of a persuasive poster this week. Our current computing unit is ‘coding’ and the children have been exploring ‘collision events’ and programing animations to showcase their understanding of this code (for example, programing a short fairytale scene where a princess turns a frog into a prince). Year 2 participated in their first cheerleading lesson and learnt core cheerleading actions such as ‘high V’, ‘low V’, ‘set’, ‘bow and arrow’, ‘T’ and ‘broken T’. They worked with a partner, taking turns to be both a ‘base’ and a ‘flyer’ (photos below). On Thursday, they took part in the ‘Scootability’ training programme, learning to ‘stop, look, listen’ before crossing a road, honing their turning skills and learning to use the brake on a two-wheeled scooter (photos below)

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Year 2 class meeting next week (Thursday, 2.45pm) where we can talk to you about the year ahead and explain some of the activities in Year 2 such as reading, spellings, times tables, outdoor learning etc.

With regards to spellings, we are currently finalising the children’s initial assessments and from next week the children will have differentiated spellings to best support their learning. For this week, all children are bringing home the same words, which are based around the spelling rule ‘-dge’.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.
Kind regards,
Mrs Hunter & Mrs Cavenagh-Mainwaring