14 October – town planning

On Monday, the children became town planners! Last week, they had investigated a plan of a town and explored whether it was a pleasant and efficient design before designing their own town. This week, they took a town plan and created a 3d map as the final part of our geography unit this half term. They thoroughly enjoyed working as a team to decide where to place parks, buildings, schools, hospitals and camp sites before getting to work building their ideas in 3d. There are a couple of photos below!

We have started a new literacy unit based on the book ‘Frog and the Stranger’. As a final outcome, the children will write their own narrative. They are currently using ‘Talk4Writing’ to learn the story off by heart – do ask them to tell you the story!

In music, the children have been using body percussion and untuned percussion instruments to accompany a composition, as well as singing in parts.

I am looking forward to seeing you all at Parents Evening next week and I know the children are really excited to show off all their hard work so far in Year 2.

Have a lovely weekend,
Mrs Hunter