13 May – How to catch a star

This week, the children have been working hard, drafting their own sequels to Oliver Jeffers’ book “How to catch a star”. They have explored different settings and thought about what exciting adventures the boy and his friend the ‘star’ could have. In Geography, we are continuing with our unit on seas and coasts. The children have been posing geographical questions and undertaking research to find the answers, focusing on the areas of Poole, Isle of Skye and Cardigan Bay. They have looked at physical and human features, land and sea uses and wildlife. In our athletics lessons, the children have been thinking about their running skills, using the acronym ‘FAST’ (F – face forward, head still; A – arms pump fast; S – speedy feet; T – Trunk to be upright). The children had great fun practising their ‘speedy feet’ using agility ladders – it was harder than it looked!

Wishing you all a restful weekend,
Mrs Hunter