10 December – Deco Day and finding our smiles

Last week’s blog was all about our PE school trip and I ran out of space for Deco Day! Deco Day, of course, took place last Friday. The children arrived looking splendid in their Christmas outfits and set about creating some wonderful rustic Christmas decorations. They designed and painted carefully and their final products look fantastic! They will be ‘on sale’ via the FTW and will be heading home to you at the end of term. This past week, we have also been drafting our own narrative stories based on ‘Augustus and his smile’. The children have practised using expanded noun phrases to describe exciting places around the world where Augustus might be looking for his smile such as the pyramids in Egypt, the top of Mount Everest, erupting volcanoes, giant waves in Hawaii and exciting festivals where colourful lanterns are floated to the sky. I am looking forward to reading their final stories.

Enjoy your weekends!
Mrs Hunter