Year 1, Friday, 26th April, 2024

In Maths we reminded ourselves about number facts. We realised that we could swap the positions of numbers and with one fact, we could find at least three more. For example:

3 + 7 = 10 so we know:

7 + 3 = 10

10 – 3 = 7

10 – 7 = 3.

In Literacy, we learnt more about bats. We labelled them and generated interesting questions. We are learning how to identify and include nouns, verbs and adjectives in sentences.

In P.S.H.E. we learned more about how to make and stay friends. We are on the lookout to help children who might seem lonely or upset on the playground so we can provide an offer them a friendly face.

In R.E. we have been learning about sacred texts. We focussed on the Bible. We looked at the Ten Commandments and ranked them according based on their importance. Not everyone agreed and it was interesting to hear people’s reasons why they held their beliefs.

In Literacy, some children had forgotten their alphabet so it is worth practising and making sure each letter can be written as both a capital letter and a lowercase version.

We had a tiring but great fun P.E. lesson as we went outside on the field and ran laps of the field and learnt to throw a javelin. It was tricky to get the right technique, but when we did, we were delighted as they sailed through the sky.

We learned it was tricky to throw with a straight arm in cricket, but we gave it our best effort and we are already improving. Some hit the target even more often than myself. I look forward to see how batting goes when we use the opportunity to enjoy fine weather on the field.