Good morning,

I thought it might be useful to let you know a few resources that will be handy to have ready for your next learning pack. There is no need to buy anything and we have aimed to make the activities accessible using everyday household objects.

Our Literacy will be based on the text ‘Katie in London’ by James Mayhew. I will record this story to share with the children on this page.

In maths it would be helpful for children to have items to count with – counters, blocks, Lego pieces or anything you find in the cupboard like dry pasta (if you can get your hands on any!) Children will need a ruler in week 2.

We will be looking at maps of London in Geography, but any maps you have available will be helpful. Otherwise these can be found online.

In Science children will be making posters so paper, pens and any craft materials you already have would be great.

We look forward to sharing the packs with you on Monday. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Mrs Lloyd.