Friday 19 March-Year 1 update

It has been lovely having all the children back in school and seeing them in person. The children have been very happy to see each other and learn together again. Over the past two weeks, we have being learning how to measure objects using cubes and a ruler in Maths. In Literacy, we have enjoyed reading ‘The Last Noo-Noo’ and ‘Voices in the Park’ and the children have been basing their writing on these stories. In Science, we have been learning about the weather and they have had great fun creating role plays as weather reporters. Next week is Art Week and we will be learning about the work of Piet Mondrian, looking at primary colours and how these can be mixed to create secondary colours before the children finally create their own art in the style of Kandinsky.

I hope you have a lovely weekend,
Kind Regards, Mrs Harkassi