Friday 16.04.21

This week we have had our first Secret storyteller. A huge thank you to the lovely storytellers who joined us from NEW ZELAND! We were so delighted to listen to your beautiful story. 
In Maths, we have worked really hard at counting forwards and backwards. 
In Literacy, we have been focussing on non-chronological reports about Bats. We have been learning where they live, what they eat and much more.  The children have been basing their writing on these bats.
In history,  we have started a new unit about The first Aeroplane flight. The children became Historians, and we looked at the past to find out when was the first attempt to fly. They had so much fun watching the first flying attempts. 
The children have once again worked so hard this week, and I have been so impressed with their enthusiasm and engagement since coming back. 
I am looking forward to talking to you on Tuesday and Thursday next week. Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Harkassi.