7th October – Comparing numbers

This week in Literacy we have been continuing with our sentence work focusing on capital letters and full stops. The children wrote about many things this week including what they thought Stanley and Bertie could catch when they were pretend fishing and also used some adjectives to describe Stanley’s old stick, his new stick and their stick that they chose last week. We even tried to write a class poem which was made up of silly sentences.

In Maths we have continued our work on numbers to 10. We have been learning to compare the numbers using the symbols <,> and =. We watched a Number Blocks episode called ‘Blockzilla’ to help us understand this concept. Below is the episode if you would like to watch it.

This week in Science we looked at the tricky concept of deciduous and evergreen trees. The children went outside and collected some leaves. We talked about some of the leaves that they found and identified what type of leaf they were. See if your child can remember how to identify one of these trees by its leaves.

Please continue to send in your child’s decodable book on a Thursday. Please return it in its coloured folder with the bookmark as this makes it easier when it comes to changing them and giving them back. We have new folders for the children’s library books. Please send library books back in on a Monday with their library bookmark.

The weather is continuing to become more autumnal. Please send your child in with a waterproof coat every day. On P.E. days it is useful if they have a school jumper of fleece to wear too as coats are difficult to move in and complete out activities if it is chilly.

Have a good weekend.