3rd December – Ho, ho, ho!

Christmas has arrived in the Year 1 classroom. Today was Deco day. The children had a great time making a variety of Christmas crafts and enjoyed tapping into their creative sides. We are not going to spoil the surprise of what they made today but do hope you enjoy what they bring home after we have displayed some of the bits in the classroom for the remainder of the term. During the day we decorated the classroom and even have a Christmas tree to now go with our advent calendar.

We are continuing with Seasonal Change in Science. This week we were discussing the how the length of day differs throughout the seasons and what it looks like outside the window when we get up in the morning and during different activities in the day. The children were surprised to find out that lunch was the only activity that could be completed in daylight throughout all the four seasons. Talk about what it looks like outside when you do different activities. Would it be sensible to have a BBQ during the winter? Would you have fireworks at tea time in the summer? Below is a short video to explain the Science behind how the length of day changes.

We are continuing with addition and subtraction to ten in Maths but will shortly be moving on to 2D shape. It would benefit your child to be able to name some of the shapes and look at how many sides they have. Can they spot any shapes around the house? E.g. the TV is a rectangle and has four sides. Two long and two short.

In our Literacy lessons we have been writing our own version of ‘Stanley’s Stick’ in a book format. We have designed a front page and each page within the book has a sentence focussing on capital letters and full stops to form accurate sentences. We will be putting them on display in the classroom once they are finished.

In Computing this week, we have been looking at algorithms (in a simple form). This week the children used 2Paint to create their own dinosaur colouring and designing it in any pattern that they wanted. Then as a second activity they had to colour in a bird using instructions as this is the basis of an algorithm. They did really well working in their computer partners and most of our birds looked the same. Please continue to practise logging on using a computer keypad to find the letters in their name. Their login is their first name and the first letter of their last name (with a few exceptions of adding a number on the end). E.g. John Smith would be johns

Just a little reminder about homework. Homework is due in on a Friday and I will return the books on a Monday for the next homework to be stuck in. Please stick in the homework using a glue stick not cellotape as it is really tricky to mark the work. Thank you.

I hope you have a lovely weekend