27th January

We have had yet another busy week in Year 1. This week in Geography, we have been identifying the features and characteristics of countries within the UK. We learned that each country has a national flower and animal as well as a Saint. One activity involved looking at photos with descriptions and grouping the pictures together for each of the countries.

We had fun in Science this week. We were looking at simple properties of materials. We started by discussing some silly things such as making buildings out of jelly and making a car out of glass. The children had really good ideas for why this was not a sensible idea. After a feely bag activity, the children got to touch and feel some different materials. They were then able to describe them using words such as hard, soft, bumpy, rigid, opaque and flexible.

A polite reminder that Library is on a Monday. Books need to be returned in their see-through plastic wallets please. Decodable books need to be returned on a Thursday in their coloured plastic wallets. It is really useful so we are able to track who’s book is who’s when handing them in and returning them on a Friday. Homework is due in on a Friday and the book will be returned to you on a Monday.

Have a restful weekend.