26th November – History Off the Page

What another busy week Year 1 have had. We started off the week by having an amazing day related to our Curriculum Project in History of Toys. The day consisted of playing with lots of different old toys and spending some time looking at them. We then spent some time digging for toys with the aim to identify whether the object was firstly a toy or not a toy and then secondly whether it was a new or an old toy. The children particularly loved this activity if you fancied trying it at home? Just fill up a tray with soil and put a mixture of objects in and give them a paintbrush or a pastry brush and see what they can uncover! We finished our day by making six of our own toys. They included a flip book, a stick puppet, a cup and ball, a cork ship, a spinner and…… It was such a memorable day. I would like to thank the parents who gave up their time to help us and also to the parents who offered but were not needed. I’m hoping there will be other times that we can get you in. Below are just a selection of photos from our day.

It was back to reality the next day as we continued our work on Stanley’s Stick in Literacy where we are focussing on writing single clause sentences with a capital letter and finishing them with a full stop. Next week we are aiming to write our own short book based on this story.

In Maths we are continuing with our unit on Addition and Subtraction to ten. In particular, we have been looking at the relationships between addition and subtraction by using fact families. It is important that the children understand that we can also use part-whole models for subtraction too.

We finished off the week by creating our very own Christingles. Christingles are a Christian tradition which remind them that Jesus is the light of the world which is represented by a lit candle. The orange itself represents the world. The red ribbon tied round the middle represents the blood of Jesus and the four sticks with sweets or dried fruit on represent the fruits of the world and the four seasons. We talked about why light is important to Christians and focussed on the Star of Bethlehem which is represented at Christmas particularly on the tops of Christmas trees.

I do hope you have a really occasional day and a great weekend.