25th November – History off the Page

It has only been a short week due to an occasional day on Friday, but we have still managed to cram a lot in. Our highlight of the week has to have been our visit from History off the Page. We spent a whole day learning more about our current curriculum project of toys.

We started the morning off by having time to discover a toy library. It was filled with such lovely toys that lots of the children had never seen before. They were allowed to touch them and play with them. Some of the challenges involved looking at the materials they were made out of or even deciding which toy was the oldest and newest on a table.

After break, we became archaeologists. The children were split into groups and given ‘dig boxes’. They had to brush off the soil and uncover items that had been buried. Their job was to then decide if the items were toys or not toys and also group them into materials.

After lunch, the children made their own toys for the afternoon. We had peg dolls, flick books, cup and balls, cork boats, spinner books and hook a fish.

The children and the adults had a fantastic day. Thank you so much to our parent and adult helpers for the day and to Fiona from History off the Page.

Enjoy your occasional day and have a great weekend.