19th November – If you go down to the woods…

We started off this week by visiting the wooded area in the school to find a special stick just like Stanley. All the children had time to choose a stick that appealed to them. Once we got back into class, we used our stick to act out what we wanted to do with our sticks and then wrote a label for our stick based on what we wanted them to be. We had all sorts of different ideas ranging from broomsticks to wands! We are continuing to use the book ‘Stanley’s Stick’ to complete writing during our literacy lessons.

This week in our Curriculum Project on toys, we looked at comparing old and new toys. We talked about the materials they were made from and how they moved. In particular, we looked at an old toy car and a new toy car. We compared the materials by saying that the old one was made of tin, it moved using clockwork and went in straight lines. The new car was made from plastic, it uses batteries and is steered using a remote control. If possible, discuss toys at home and in particular think about the difference between old and new ones.

In Maths, we have moved on to the unit of Addition and Subtraction within ten. We have completed a lot of work on addition and are now moving onto the subtraction part. It is important for the children to realise that we have many different words for subtraction, especially in word problems e.g. less than, fewer, takeaway and subtract. Please encourage your child to think about real life examples to understand that some word problems may not specifically say takeaway or subtract.

An example of a Year 1 word problem.

This week, we learned about the Christmas story and focussed on how light is important to Christians at Christmas time. The children enjoyed making their own Christmas Nativity scene and made puppets and then tried to act out the story with their partner.

We are very much looking forward to Monday where we are welcoming an outside company in to be with us for the day called ‘History Off the Page’. They will be providing talks and activities for the children throughout the day to deepen their understanding of our Curriculum Project of toys. I would like to thank the Friends of Two Waters for subsidising the day for us and also to all the parents who offered their help for this day and giving up their time to give the children the best day it can possibly be.

Have a lovely weekend.