18th November – Anti-bullying week

This week we have had a focus on anti-bullying throughout the school. In our PSHE lessons we have been looking at the unit ‘Celebrating Differences’. Our task this lesson was to identify differences between the children in our class. We played a game where the children moved from one side of the room to the other depending on their answer to a question. For example, the children who liked pizza went on one side and the children who did not went to the other side. We discussed how although people are different to each other, these are differences that we should be proud of us and make us who we are.

In R.E. this week, we have been looking at the Christmas story. We watched a video which told the story. The children were able to identify that the light that is important to Christians at this time of year was the star of Bethlehem that guided people to the stable where Jesus was born. Below is the link to the video we watched if you would like to watch it again.


In Maths, we are coming to the end of our unit on subtraction. We have been using part-part whole diagrams to identify the different parts to number sentences. Below is an example.

Have a lovely weekend.