16th December – DT Week

I hope you all had a lovely snow day and enjoyed spending the day having some fun snow related activities. I think we are all ready to get rid of the ice now. I do hope it hasn’t been to treacherous for you getting to and from school every day.

We have had a very creative week in Year 1. This week we have been completing our first ever DT project. The children have spent most of the week completing a number of different skills before finally completing a finished product in the form of a moving Christmas picture.

The children learned how to make a number of mechanisms including sliders, pivots and levers and wheel mechanisms. Throughout the week the children have practised cutting, drawing, colouring and designing.

I am very proud of all of their efforts. There have been some really successful moving pictures – well done, Year 1!

This week, the children have also enjoyed Christmas lunch and wearing their Christmas jumpers.

Please continue to learn our Christmas song for Tuesday’s Christmas Concert (you will find the information on the previous blog).

Please can you return any outstanding library books and decodable books which are being collected over the Christmas holidays. Please can you always return library books in the see through plastic folders and the decodable books in the coloured folders so we can keep track of which child has returned each book.

Thank you. Have a lovely weekend.