11th November – Remembrance Day

Today we marked Remembrance day by joining with Year 2. We watched a short video explaining why it is important to observe this day and we held a minute’s silence. Throughout the week, children from Year 6 have been coming for us to buy some poppy merchandise to raise money for The Royal British Legion. Below is the video we watched if you would like to share this again with your children.

In our History curriculum project if toys, we talked about the materials that toys can be made from. We chose some items and toys from around the classroom and put them into four hoops labelled wood, metal, plastic and fabric. We also discussed how some people did not have enough money to buy toys and often ended up making their own toys. We made some spinners by using some string, cardboard and coloured pens. We had lots of fun making them and trying to get the technique right to spin them.

In RE this week, we discussed why light is important for Jews during the time of Hanukkah. We lit a Hanukkiah and talked about when it was lit and how to light it. The children listened to a blessing recited in Hebrew which would be said each day before the lighting of the candles. The candles are added from right to left but lit from left to right.

Well done to all the children for completing their first week of homework. Just a reminder to always use an HB pencil please as this is what we use in school. Thank you.

Have a lovely weekend.