10th December

This week we have been coming to the end of many units and curriculum projects. Year One are very proud of their recent finished books based on Stanley’s Stick which are named after them. Their book takes them on a journey of finding a stick and putting it towards different uses such as a whistle or a broomstick, throwing it away and finding a new one. The children worked really hard on these which include single clause sentences on each page and an illustration to go with it. They are all on display in our classroom. We are hoping you will get the chance to see them in person in the future. I am really proud of all the children and their achievements to create these books.

Our classroom display

In our indoor P.E. lessons we have been continuing with our Winter Dance. The children have been piecing together different related movements to music which include moving like icicles, explorers, penguins, polar bears and snow storms. They have been very creative and have tried to include transitions into each movement. Next week will be our final lesson where we will finish the dances off.

We have now finished our curriculum project of Seasonal Change. We talked about the clothes that we had worn to school that day and created a pictogram based on our findings. We were then able to ask questions about the data such as ‘what item of clothing was worn the most today?’.

Hopefully you will have seen in your child’s reading record that we have started Guided Reading in Year One. The children are taken out in small groups based on their colour book band for reading and we discuss the book and read it together whilst the remainder of the class complete a book focussed activity focussing on reading skills based on the text. The children have really enjoyed this activity and it also ensures we get to read with all the children at least once a week. It is really important that their reading books and reading record are in school every day. This will ensure we can log in any additional reading accurately. Just a polite reminder that we only change books on a Tuesday and a Thursday.

We are looking forward to next week as it is DT week. It is set to be a busy week.

Have a lovely weekend.