17th December – DT Week

As Christmas is fast approaching, there has been no signs of slowing down in Year 1. This week we have primarily spent completing our DT project on moving Christmas pictures. The children started the week by researching moving pictures by looking at a variety of moving picture books and the way they moved. They followed on from this by creating a variety of pictures containing mechanisms including a slider, split pins and wheels.

After having the knowledge of how pictures can move, they then went on to design a moving Christmas picture in which they needed to decide what they would draw, the equipment they would need and what part would move and what mechanism they would use. From this, they completed a practise picture based on their designs. This was quite an eye-opening experience as the children quickly discovered flaws with their designs such as making things too small or too big, not creating a part that moved or not creating handles long enough for their sliders. They spent most of the day changing and developing their designs.

Once they were happy with their practise they went onto making their real picture. The children created their own pictures from scratch with very little help. They all demonstrated excellent resilience especially when things didn’t go quite how they planned. We spent the final part of the week by evaluating their designs where they were able to reflect on what they thought they had done well and what and how they could improve their design if they were to make them again. Both myself and Mrs Barnes are very proud of all their achievements and the way they have approached the week.

During the week we also watched the EYFS performance of ‘Wriggly Nativity’ which we thoroughly enjoyed. We would like to congratulate all the children involved and also the staff for helping the children. On Wednesday we all enjoyed Christmas dinner and after we were all treated to a pantomime (oh yes we were!). The children enjoyed watching this and joining in with all the silly antics that a pantomime brings. It was a nice mid-week treat for them. We finished the week off with a whole school Christmas Assembly where we performed ‘Rudoph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ to everybody. Today we performed to our families via Zoom. We do hope you were able to watch and enjoyed the children entertaining you. Once again, the children sang beautifully and really had fun.

We are very much looking forward to our Disco on Monday and the Santa Dash. Thank you to the FTW for organising this for us.

This leaves me to thank you all for welcoming me so warmly into Two Waters. I have really enjoyed my first term. It doesn’t seem like we are still in the same term that I was still getting to know all the names of the children and who matched who during pick-ups! I am so proud of each and every one of the children and the amount of progress they have all made since September. We have actually made it through a whole uninterrupted term! I would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a New Year. Please continue to read where possible throughout the Christmas break and I look forward to seeing all the children in January.