Summer one – week 6

This week has been a very fun week. We were lucky enough to be gifted by the FTW some money to spend on enriching our learning. On Tuesday we took part in an Ancient Greek Day! The children got dressed up, and myself, in traditional Ancient Greek outfits. I must say they looked fabulous. The morning consisted of pottery making, baking olive bread, decorating theatre masks and creating an Ancient Greek wheeled toy. In the afternoon, the children took part in an Ancient Greek Olympic day and everybody won medals to represent their efforts. We also made more food to have a massive banquet after our busy day. We made tzatziki, fruit platter, feta cheese and some more bread. We even had some wine (blackcurrant squash) to wash down our food as Ancient Greek children used to have this. It was a splendid day and everybody enjoyed getting to experience being an Ancient Greek child and it helped them to consolidate their learning. Thank you so much to the FTW for helping us to have this special day!

Have a wonderful half term all.
Miss Hurrell