Friday 8th October 2021

In Computing this week we talked about how much screen time we should be having. We discussed the importance of having a healthy balance between online and offline activities in our lives. We made a list of activities we like to do offline, such as: playing football, bike riding, drawing and reading.

We decided on some rules for screen time to be shared at home:

What’s the advice?

  • Don’t use phones and mobile devices at the dinner table – they say talking as a family is very important for development
  • Keep screens out of the bedroom at bedtime
  • Talking as a family about keeping safe online and about cyber-bulling and what children should do if they are worried
  • Making sure children take a break from screens every two hours by getting up and being active
  • They also say parents should be more careful about their own screen time too and that parents should give their children proper attention and quality family time and never assume they are happy for pictures to be shared

We also learnt about our Digital Footprints and how whatever we post online will remain there in some form for the foreseeable future, which means we must think carefully about what we post online so that it does not cause us problems in the future.

In Science, we drew life-sized drawing of the circulatory system to help us understand how it works: