Friday 3rd December 2021

We finished reading a mind-bending short story by Paul Jennings this week called “The Copy” and had extended debates about the strange events in the story in Reading Practice lessons. This “Book Talk” is helping us develop our reading comprehension by justifying our interpretations as part of a group discussion, by using evidence in the text. - Thirteen Unpredictable Tales

In Science, we made burglar alarms using our understanding of how electrical circuits are made. Several members of staff were caught trying to steal biscuits!

Geography involved finding out about the Human Geography of Scandinavia.

Our Maths work continues to be about calculating with fractions, which has required considerable perseverance and resilience. However, we have made significant progress in our understanding of fractions – well done Year 6!Next week, we will be writing our stories based on The Night of the Gargoyles, where we will be aiming to creating a menacing and dark atmosphere to thrill the reader!