Friday 27th May 2022

We have had an amazing week which began with the Young Voices concert on Monday at the O2 arena and ended with our Jubliee party!

This week has been Art Week, and we have been learning about graffiti and street art. We looked at different examples and discussed how graffiti can either improve a public space or ruin it, depending on how it is used. We designed “throwies” and some street art for a local music shop. Next term, we will be printing and stencilling graffiti art designs.

The artistic skills we have been developing are: line drawing for movement; contrasting and complementary colours using a colour wheel; printing designs; and explaining our response to pieces of street art.

Coming up: next term we will begin rehearsals for our production of Midsummer Night’s Dream, by William Shakespeare.

Here are some examples of our graffiti street art initial designs by Lois and Oliver, and some photos of the Young Voices concert: