Friday 10th December 2021

This week we have finished our writing based on the book “Night of the Gargoyles”. If you are brave enough, here is an example of writing to create a menacing atmosphere from Charlie:

It was late in the museum. Chad the security guard had lately been having the sense that he was being watched. Every night, time went slowly and noises would surround him. He would constantly say “Hello, w…w..who’s there?”. Then he got uneasy. The security cameras would flicker, but why? he thought. He’d just got new cameras. Then, bloodless eyes would pop on the screen and would suddenly disappear again.

Tonight, he was late. He knew the Director would be frustrated but that was not on his mind, it was the creature that was haunting him. Suddenly, he heard groaning and moaning within the echoing streets. Chad got the urge that he needed to run, the noises got louder and louder until he got to the gloomy museum!

Chad ran to the Director’s office and cried, “G…G…Gargoyles are coming!”

“But Chad…they’re…made of stone,” the Director sighed in disbelief.

“You know what Chad…just get out!” the Director shouted impatiently.

“Just look behind you!” screamed Chad.

The Director looked behind him. “Is this some sick joke?” the Director growled.

Chad stormed out and realised no-one would believe him.

The wind blew colder than before, the stubby trees blew left and right like they were waving at him. Chad’s palms were sweating, his eyes struggled to focus on where he was going. Was he going crazy? Then it came. Scratching on the wall like a chalk board. He became sweatier and sweatier. Grotesque shadows grew bigger towards Chad. Their green-pickled tongues stuck out at him. He turned away in fear. Then…

Chad Hawkings was found missing…