Parent Information

This area of our website is designed to give you, as parents/carers of children in our school, access to the information you will need to support them during their time with us. We hope it gives you an insight into our school and the variety of support that is available to you within Hertfordshire.

An extended school consortium is a ‘cluster’ of schools, ranging in number and covering early years provision (including children’s centres), special status schools, JMI schools and Secondary schools.

The consortium is designed to meet the diverse needs of parents and children in the schools and local community through a wide range of activities, events and training opportunities. These are linked directly to the ‘Every Child Matters’ policy and draw on the knowledge and expertise of a wide range of professionals from different agencies and services.


Please telephone the Office (01442 217893) to arrange a mutually convenient date for you to look around our school. We look forward to meeting you.


To order any other school uniform please do so directly from School Trends using the link below:-

For information on the Gade Extended Schools Consortium please visit

There is also a lot of advice and support for parents within Hertfordshire and below are a few links and websites which you may find helpful:

The Heath Lane Children’s centre provides care, family support and health services for This is a prescription drug that is a potent narcotic analgesic as well. If conventional painkillers do not help, Tramadol from buy tramadol is prescribed. The drug is addictive. There are capsules and pills in a dosage of 50 and 100 milligrams. The drug perfectly relieves any pain, but causes mental problems, especially with prolonged use. parents and their children, for more information please visit

Sure Start Website – A Government website designed to designed to delivery the best start to each child.

The Children’s Trust Partnership is a countywide partnership bringing together Hertfordshire organisations that provide services for children and young people. It is playing a leading role in the development and implementation of the Government’s Every Child Matters Programme.