Happy Easter Weekend

Hello Year 6,

Yesterday I was in school with some of the children of Two Waters and Mrs Archibald and Mrs Khan. We did an activity called Hapa Zome which I thought you might like to try at home this weekend too.

Hapa Zome is the Japanese art of flower and leaf dyeing and is a very satisfying and mindful activity to do!

Equipment you will need:

  1. Flowers or leaves
  2. Plain white fabric (we used pieces of an old sheet)
  3. A hammer (or a stone)
  4. A base to work on (we used blocks of wood)


1. Arrange your leaves/flowers between 2 pieces of fabric, or between a folded piece of fabric

2. Tap or hammer where each flower or leaf is (experiment with how much pressure to use) and then open the fabric

3. Peel away the pieces of flowers and leaves to reveal your artwork

The beauty of this activity is that it can be done inside or outside and requires minimum resources. We found that some of the simple green leaves around the school field looked stunning against the white fabric. So have a go at home and, if you’d like to share, then email me some of your attempts and I’ll put a selection on our class blog next week.

Enjoy your weekend Year 6.

Mrs Chassebi