Statutory Policies

Acceptable Use Agreement Pupils 2017-18 (157.9k)
Accessibility Plan 2019 (356.3k)
Attendance Policy Incl Covid 19 Sept 2020-21 (825k)
Behaviour, Bullying & Discpline Policy June 2020 Incl Covid Append (940.9k)
Capability Procedure Feb 2019 (370.6k)
Charging & Remissions December 2019-2020 (496.3k)
Child Protection Policy October 2020-21 (1.1M)
Children Look After Policy 2020-2021 (673.9k)
EYFS Policy October 2020-2021 (567.8k)
Equality and Diversity 2019-2021 (789.6k)
First Aid Policy May 2019-2020 (518.8k)
GDPR Data Breach Response Plan (398.9k)
General Data Protection Policy GDPR 2020 (503.7k)
Governing Body Code of Conduct 2020 (443.5k)
Grievance Policy Sept 2020 (675.1k)
HCC Keeping Who Safe Sept 2020 (531.8k)
HCC Oversubscription Criteria Nursery 2017-2018 (85.5k)
Health & Safety Policy 2019-2020 (531.4k)
Health & Safety Statement Of Intent 2019 (373k)
Home School Agreement (139.6k)
How Two Waters Delivers the ICT Curriculum (157.4k)
Managing Medication 2020-2021 (424k)
NQT Policy Sept 2020 (351.8k)
Nursery Admissions Policy 2020-2021 (462.3k)
Online Safety & Acceptable Usage Policy 2020 (889.5k)
Privacy Notice October 2020 (432.9k)
Provisional Relationships & Sex Education Policy 2019-2021 (366.1k)
School Based Complaints Feb 2019 (718.5k)
Sex & Relations Policy 2018 (211k)
Staff Discipline Conduct and Grievance Policy 2019-2020 (841.5k)
Staff Pay & Appraisal Policy July 2020 (714k)
Subject Access Request Statement (435k)
Supporting Pupils with Mdical Conditions Policy 2019-2020 (685.6k)
Two Waters Primary Privacy Notice for Pupils (234.6k)
Whistleblowing Policy July 2019 (314.9k)
Gdpr Acceptable Use Agreement Pupils 2018-2019 (193.6k)