Traction Man leaps into Year 5 (wearing combat boots, battle pants and his warfare shirt)!

We have had lots of fun during Creative Week, which this term was based on Mini Grey’s book ‘Traction Man’.  The children have participated in hot seating, role play, freeze frames, small world scenes, diary writing and slime making!  We managed to find some time for Maths too! The children have been ‘working their socks off’ to compare and add fractions.  Next week, we will continue with fractions, looking further at addition and introducing subtraction.  We will also start our new topic of Medieval Britain, looking at the Bayeux Tapestry and Domesday Book.

Of course, we are also looking forward to celebrating World Book Day next week too!  We are inviting the children to come dressed up as their favourite ‘hero’ from a book.  We have discussed with the children that when choosing their hero, it is best to think of a book, rather than a film or comic.  We will also be holding ‘drop everything and read’ breaks throughout the day and children are welcome to bring a favourite blanket or pillow with them, to make the reading breaks cosy and fun!

Mrs Hunter