Happy Half Term

I hope you are all enjoying a relaxing half term!  We finished ‘Spring 1’ with an exciting week including Internet Safety Day, No Pens Day and a trip to the Synagogue in St Albans.  Internet Safety Day focused on creating, connecting and sharing respect and the children had super ideas about how to use the Internet sensibly, wisely and with kindness and respect.  No Pens Day was a resounding success.  With all writing implements removed from the classroom, the children focused solely on speaking and listening.  They really impressed me with their oral retelling of Traditional Tales and their designs of Infomercials to sell frying pans!  The afternoon saw the classroom converted to a mock House of Commons.  The children voted on a topic to debate (should mobile phones be allowed in school) and used their prior learning of persuasive language to put their arguments forward.

The trip to the Synagogue gave the children the opportunity to see, first hand, a Torah, an Arc, the Synagogue itself as well as other artefacts.  They were impeccably well behaved and asked very insightful and considered questions.

On return to school next week, we will start with a ‘Creative Week’ before launching our new topic – Medieval Britain – the following week.

Warmest wishes,
Mrs Hunter