We are Engineers!

Welcome back to another busy half term. The children have made an excellent start to our ‘Engineering’ topic and last week considered the best design for an aeroplane. The children made paper aeroplanes from different materials and in different sizes to test which would be the most successful. We were so impressed with the children’s predictions and how they could explain which plane would fly the furthest and why. The children measured the distance that the plane had travelled and began to record in metres and centimetres.

In Literacy we are thinking about instruction writing. We have written sets of instructions to explain how we made our paper aeroplanes and this week we are thinking about instructions for our very own ‘Snake repellent hats’. In Maths we are focusing on subtraction and putting ‘taking away’ into practical contexts.

This week as part of our ‘Materials’ Science topic we will be conducting a survey of the school to see which is the most commonly used material. Look out for the pictures on our class page on the website later this week.

Mrs Lemarie and Miss Jeal 🙂