Year 6 have a Growth Mindset!

What a week we’ve had in Year 6!  As part of our creative week, we have focussed on Growth Mindset and tasked ourselves with the challenge of solving the Rubik’s cube.  The children have shown resilience, patience, persistence and enthusiasm which are all qualities that have paid off.  On many occasions they have turned things around upon ‘hitting the wall’ and  have really supported each other along the way.  It has been a delight to see the face of each child in class as they have performed the ‘last turn’ to solve the cube!

The Rubik’s has leant itself to many Maths opportunities to include problem solving, reasoning, logic, degree turns, perimeter and area, nets of shapes and mosaic building.  Have a look at some of the results below (and there are more in the Two Water’s gallery).

Have an enjoyable weekend everyone and Happy December to you!

Mrs Chassebi