The Art of Being Human

Year 6 have been enjoying the practical nature of their current Science unit, which mixes Science and Art in a creative way.  Last week we launched the subject by making Blood Smoothies which were a big hit and this week the children worked in groups to sculpt models of the human heart.  These practical lessons, along with fun PE lessons and our mile a day running, have been a great balance to all the hard work of preparing for SATs!

We have two weeks to go now and we will be making the most of the time in class to consolidate areas of maths, spelling, punctuation and grammar and to enhance our reading comprehension techniques.  Please continue to support your children at home to have a final push at maths activities and to make time for 30 minutes a day to build their reading stamina (and, of course, enjoyment of reading)!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and thanks again.

Mrs Chassebi