Happy Weekend Year 6

In Year 6, the children have been continuing to work hard in the various areas of learning and have had another busy week.  There has been lots of challenge and perseverance in Maths, where children have been multiplying decimal numbers by 10, 100 and 1000 using knowledge of place value and extending this to multiplying decimal numbers by decimal numbers; next week we will be using similar knowledge to divide decimal numbers and to problem solve in a range of decimal contexts.  So if any children want to go on Mathletics, these are good areas to focus upon.

Lots of super Viking homework has been coming in and it’s been great to see children taking pride in their work.  We have had conversations about this in class this week, encouraging children to use their best presentation and work ethic in pieces of work across the curriculum.  The class have been enjoying our class reader, Viking Boy, which is rich in language and plot and has prompted lots of discussions.  Please continue to help us foster your children’s love for reading, by encouraging them to read as much as possible at home – thank you.

The class have been very appreciative of the CGP books which Two Waters have purchased for them, in order to practise and reinforce the many areas of mathematics along with spelling, punctuation and grammar.  The children will be bringing these books home on a regular basis, which they are really keen to do, with a quick turnaround of completing a brief activity (approximately 10 / 15 minutes) and returning to school fairly promptly.  They’ve been really organised and efficient in doing this so far, standing them in good preparation for secondary school.

Thanks again for all your continued support – your children are a delight to know and teach.

Happy weekend,

Mrs Chassebi