It has been an exciting Monday in Reception! We received a message from Superhero HQ with a challenge. The Evil Peas from the story ‘Supertato’ had muddled up all of our sentences so we had to spend time fixing them.

It was also Messy Monday again this week…the children got the chance to use¬†pumps and sprays to make marks in the rain! They got very wet and messy today!

Last week we learnt the cherry method in Maths. They had to select a number and then work out different ways to make the total using objects. Take a look at our fantastic problem solving! Have a go at home with your child and see if they can show you how to use the cherry method.

We also had a visitor from the Road Safety Officer who taught us all how to cross the road safely. The children listened beautifully and all cross the zebra crossing extremely well.

It has been a busy two weeks…and there is still more to come!