Happy Easter Year 5

We have come to the end of our Spring Term – although the weather doesn’t quite appear to be Spring-like just yet!  The children have made super progress and have worked their socks off at fractions, learning all about Medieval Britain and writing some fantastic rap songs over the past week.  We finished our term with a surprise ‘Celebration Day’ yesterday where the children created Coats of Arms for their teams, designed a board game based on the ‘Black Death’, competed in an outdoor Treasure Hunt, put their minds to solving word searches and crossword puzzles and finally explored Medieval Music.

Next term we are beginning our new topic of Space.  We will be looking at Narratives in Literacy and Decimals in Maths.  In PE, we will be playing rounders.

Wishing you all a happy and peaceful Easter holiday.
Warmest wishes,
Mrs Hunter

Happy Easter Holidays Year 6

We were so lucky with the weather for our Year 6 trip to Knebworth House on Tuesday.  The children behaved beautifully and were certainly a credit to the school.  It was a great way to finish our topic on the Tudors and the children were able to show off their knowledge and enjoy some really hands-on experiences.  Please take a look at our gallery for a full range of pictures!

Yesterday, the children took part in a Year 6 bake-off, organised and prepared by the lovely Mrs Bennett.  They have been working towards this class treat for many weeks and, during the day, their collaborative and organisational skills really impressed us!   We have a lot of budding bakers who took pride in their work and were great at clearing up afterwards too.  Mrs Bennett, Hayley and I all enjoyed tasting the results (as did the children) and had a tricky challenge in choosing our Bronze, Silver and Gold winners! Again, further photos can be found in the Year 6 gallery.

The children have come home with three SATs papers (1 arithmetic, 1 maths reasoning and 1 reading comprehension), which is just over 2 hours worth of work for them.  Please could you support them in enabling them to have a quiet space to complete these at some point during the fortnight.  Thank you so much.  They definitely deserve a well-earned break over the holidays but hopefully they won’t mind keeping their brains ticking over a little bit with the run-up to SATs fast approaching.  Hopefully, they’ve all got an exciting reading book on the go too; they are impressing me so much with the speed with which they are devouring books!

Have a wonderful holiday and hopefully enjoy some days out in the sunshine and lots of family time.

Warm regards,

Mrs Chassebi


What a great two days we’ve had in school! I am so proud of all of the children that have taken part in their cycling proficiency (pictures in the Year 4 gallery). They all displayed excellent behaviour throughout and impressed both instructors with their knowledge and growth mind set.

They will be receiving certificates and badges soon which will be sent home with them.


Happy Weekend Year 6

Another Friday has arrived and the weeks are flying by!  It’s been very busy in Year 6 and the children have been working hard in all areas.  Their enthusiasm and sense of challenge in Maths continues to impress me and I am really pleased that they are remembering to go onto Diagnostic Questions each day to complete the two daily questions – keep this up children!  Our current Maths unit is to find area and perimeter of shapes but we are also doing lots of practice and revisiting of many Maths arithmetic areas.

We have been learning all about the Tudors in History and have written some super pieces already, including Henry VIII fact files and witty newspaper adverts where Henry is looking for a new wife! Next week, the children will be creating emotive letters from Anne Boleyn to Henry, asking him to spare her life.

The majority of children seem to be reading on a regular basis and really getting into their books, which has been great to see.  Thank you for encouraging them and reminding them to read for 30 minutes a day at home to really help build their stamina for reading and, ultimately, a love of books!

Have a happy weekend and I hope all the mums get a bit of a treat / rest / break on Sunday!

Mrs Chassebi


World Book Day

Despite the snow we still managed to enjoy World Book Day. The children looked fantastic in their costumes and it was great to see such a range of characters.

This week in Maths we have started our ‘Statistics’ topic and so far have looked at pictograms and interpreting data. Next week we will continue with this topic and start to draw our own bar graphs. In Literacy we will be starting to look at Aesop’s Fables to link with our Greek topic.

Have a lovely weekend, stay safe in the snow and see you all on Monday 😊

Mrs Lemarie and Miss Shay

Fantastic PE sessions

Last half term our PE lessons were taught by Mrs Hutchins who is a specialist PE teacher. It has been a great learning opportunity for both the children and staff. The children gained valuable knowledge about a range of gymnastic positions and even got the chance to go on the apparatus.


Traction Man leaps into Year 5 (wearing combat boots, battle pants and his warfare shirt)!

We have had lots of fun during Creative Week, which this term was based on Mini Grey’s book ‘Traction Man’.  The children have participated in hot seating, role play, freeze frames, small world scenes, diary writing and slime making!  We managed to find some time for Maths too! The children have been ‘working their socks off’ to compare and add fractions.  Next week, we will continue with fractions, looking further at addition and introducing subtraction.  We will also start our new topic of Medieval Britain, looking at the Bayeux Tapestry and Domesday Book.

Of course, we are also looking forward to celebrating World Book Day next week too!  We are inviting the children to come dressed up as their favourite ‘hero’ from a book.  We have discussed with the children that when choosing their hero, it is best to think of a book, rather than a film or comic.  We will also be holding ‘drop everything and read’ breaks throughout the day and children are welcome to bring a favourite blanket or pillow with them, to make the reading breaks cosy and fun!

Mrs Hunter

Happy Half Term

I hope you are all enjoying a relaxing half term!  We finished ‘Spring 1’ with an exciting week including Internet Safety Day, No Pens Day and a trip to the Synagogue in St Albans.  Internet Safety Day focused on creating, connecting and sharing respect and the children had super ideas about how to use the Internet sensibly, wisely and with kindness and respect.  No Pens Day was a resounding success.  With all writing implements removed from the classroom, the children focused solely on speaking and listening.  They really impressed me with their oral retelling of Traditional Tales and their designs of Infomercials to sell frying pans!  The afternoon saw the classroom converted to a mock House of Commons.  The children voted on a topic to debate (should mobile phones be allowed in school) and used their prior learning of persuasive language to put their arguments forward.

The trip to the Synagogue gave the children the opportunity to see, first hand, a Torah, an Arc, the Synagogue itself as well as other artefacts.  They were impeccably well behaved and asked very insightful and considered questions.

On return to school next week, we will start with a ‘Creative Week’ before launching our new topic – Medieval Britain – the following week.

Warmest wishes,
Mrs Hunter

Happy Half-Term Year 6

It’s been a busy couple of weeks in Year 6 and the time has flown.  The children had a brilliant time at the O2; their behaviour was impeccable and their enthusiasm was infectious.  I was incredibly sad not to have gone with them, although Miss Shay was full of high praise and pride upon their return.

Our Viking theme culminated with a morning of preparing Viking vegetable soup and rustic bread, which we all enjoyed eating together – thank you Mrs Bennett!  We also completed our class reading book, ‘Viking Boy’ which received a resounding round of applause!  After half-term we will be having a creative week straight away, followed by our new topic: The Tudors.

It was great to see you all for parents’ evenings this week and thank you for your continued support at home, particularly with regards to the sustained reading opportunities and reminders to go on www.diagnosticquestions.com to partake in maths revision activities.

Have a wonderful half-term break everyone and enjoy a well-earned rest!

Kind regards,

Mrs Chassebi

Stepping back in time…..

This week in Year 3 we travelled back to the Bronze Age to celebrate the end of our topic. The children looked fantastic in their costumes and had put in so much effort to make sure they really looked the part! We began by finding out our new names for the day, which took a bit of getting used to, as well as what our ‘job’ was – We had farmers, warriors and of course a leader of our tribe. We then decorated our Bronze Age beakers with detailed designs, using lines and shapes to create symmetrical patterns. As we moved towards the Iron Age we prepared some food for us to eat, making traditional oatcakes. We also made our own brooches and ended our day with a campfire, collecting firewood and then enjoying a cheeky marshmallow around the fire (not quite in keeping with the Iron Age theme but enjoyable nonetheless!). We then sampled our oatcakes which we all rather enjoyed and listened to a story to round off our day.

For all of the photos from the day please see our class page on the website.

Next half term our topic is ‘The Greeks’ – A fantastic topic which we cannot wait to get stuck into. Have a lovely half term, rest and relax and we’ll see you all in a weeks time 🙂

Mrs Lemarie and Miss Shay