Just before half term, the children had nearly completed their Henri Rousseau inspired artwork. Based on his painting ‘Surprised!’, the children painted their own versions.  Some children chose to keep the original tiger whilst others chose another rainforest animal to add to their painting.  This week, we finished our masterpieces and I have been so impressed with the end results.  A small selection are in the Year 5 Gallery area of the school website.  This week we started our new literacy topic of ‘explanations’.  In Maths we are finishing our unit on statistics and from next week will be looking at multiplication and division.  Our Science topic is ‘forces’.  This week, the children thought about what they already knew and what they would like to investigate.  We then went outside and completed ‘freeze frames’ to demonstrate various forces.  A couple of photos are below – others are in the Year 5 gallery.  Can you guess which forces they are demonstrating?!  Finally, new homework packs have been sent home and the first set of spellings was issued today, ready for next week’s test.

Enjoy your weekends!
Mrs Hunter

Welcome Back!

Welcome back Year One!

I hope everyone had a restful and enjoyable break!

We’ve had a busy week getting back into our routine. We spent some time writing about our half term break at the beginning of the week, and we also spent some time writing about Guy Fawkes before Bonfire Night. The children enjoyed telling me all about the celebrations I can expect to see this year.

In Maths we have been focusing on partitioning numbers and creating number sentences in a fact family.

We’ve spent some time creating paper chains to decorate our classroom for our new “Winter Wonderland” theme, and next week we will learn how to make paper snowflakes.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Sperling

What a great first week back!

It has been such a busy week and it’s only the first week back!

Messy Mondays continues to be a great success. This week the children made slimy potions using wallpaper paste, glitter, finger nails, bats and bones! 

On Thursday the children had their first Forest School session which was fantastic. A huge thank you to all the parents for bringing in their clothing and overalls, it really helped. Thank you to Amy’s Mummy and Joel’s Mummy for coming in to help with the session.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Ward. Mrs Gelborova and Mrs Archibald




Welcome back year 4

I hope you all had a lovely and restful half term. It has been a great first week back and the children have been working so hard on their new topic – The USA!

All children should have received their new homework pack which I hope you have all received. Spellings and times tables will be given out on Friday for next weeks test.

At the end of last half term we had our Egyptian day. I was so impressed with all of the children’s costumes. I have put up an album of pictures from the day on the gallery in the year 4 area on the school website. Please do have a look at all the fun we had!

Rock Detectives and Soil Sleuths

To end our both our Geography topic, ‘What makes the Earth angry?’ and our Science topic ‘Rocks and Soils’, Year 3 ventured out to the Boxmoor Trust to become ‘Rock Detectives and Soil Sleuths’. The children had a fantastic day and were thoroughly engaged in all of the activities, taking part enthusiastically and asking and answering relevant questions. All of us were very proud of their behaviour and the way that they represented the school. Photos of our trip are on our class page.

It was great to see all of you at Parents Evening and to have the chance to talk about how your children have settled in to life in Year 3 as well as their targets for the next half term. If you do have any further questions or queries then please do not hesitate to contact one of us to have a chat 🙂

Next term’s topic is ‘The Stone Age’. We have lots of exciting activities planned considering how first man survived, built their homes, the food they ate and much more. We will be examining some of the tools they would have used as well as creating our own cave paintings. It’s bound to be a very interesting topic!

New homework packs, as well as spellings will be coming home on the first day back, Monday 30th October. But for now enjoy the rest of your half term.

Mrs Lemarie and Miss Shay


What a wonderful half term!

Wow! We can’t believe that the children have already completed their first term at Nursery!

We are all so impressed at how well they have settled and the lovely friendships that they have already formed.

The children performed and sat beautifully throughout our Harvest festival on Thursday, ‘Big, red combine harvester’ has never sounded better and all the teachers throughout the school were so impressed. Thank you for all your kind donations also.

As we progress in to the next half term our topic will be changing to ‘Festivals’ where we will be looking in greater depth at Diwali, Bonfire night and Christmas. If over half term you are celebrating anything special please bring some things in to share with the rest of the class it would be lovely to share everyone’s experiences.

We are still waiting on lots of family pictures to fill our home corner to make it more familiar to the children so please do send them in as soon as possible.

Have a wonderful half term!

The Nursery team

Happy Half Term!

We were so proud of Reception performing the Little Red Hen in Harvest Assembly on Thursday! They spoke so clearly and remembered the whole story. Well done children.

A huge thank you to Jack’s Mummy for reading to the class on Monday. The children loved the new version of ZOG and the FLYING DOCTORS!

Messy Mondays was a huge success! Thank you again for bringing in all the children’s overalls!


Hope you all have a wonderful half term!

See you all on Monday 30th October.

Miss Ward, Mrs Gelborova and Mrs Archibald

Happy half-term break!

What a wonderful half-term!

I can’t believe how fast the half-term has gone by! I’ve enjoyed our topic of “Dinosaurs” and I hope the children have too. I’m excited for us to start our topic of “Winter Wonderland” after the break.

I loved meeting all of you at parents evening, I’m really looking forward to the rest of the year with your children.

I can’t believe the amazing dinosaurs Year One have created! I’ve put some on display in our classroom, and I will send them home again the week following the break. I’m excited to see what we can create in this next term.

Enjoy the much deserved break,

Miss Sperling

Happy Holidays

What a great seven weeks we’ve had in Year 6! (and it’s gone so quickly!)

This week has seen our work around ‘Arthur Spiderwork’s Field Guide’ come to an end with fantastic hot tasks being written by the children. They have also finished their Science unit on light where they made periscopes with card and mirrors.  In Maths, the children were enthusiastic to learn about the order of operations (BIDMAS) and apply this in different contexts.

This afternoon we have enjoyed an end of topic celebration of what it means to be part of the UK, with a tea party and playground games. The children showed excellent manners with their ‘pleases’, ‘thank yous’ and their ‘can you pass me the butter’ comments!  Lots of children are now converted tea-drinkers.

It was great to catch up with you all during parents’ evenings this week and thank you for your continued support. I hope you all enjoy a restful half term and I’m looking forward to hearing about what the children have been up to and which books they have read!

Thank you,

Mrs Chassebi


Den building and reading (and happy half term!)

The children and I can hardly believe it is half term next week!  As a way of celebrating the end of our Rainforest topic, the children spent Monday afternoon building dens in our woodland area.  The challenge was to build a waterproof shelter initially out of natural materials.  They then had the choice of incorporating a tarpaulin – which was more challenging due to the high winds!  The children had a great afternoon and there are some fun pictures below!

As requested, I have updated the Year 5 reading list which can now be found in the ‘Curriculum’ section of the Year 5 area of our website.

Finally, I’d like to wish you all a very restful half term when it arrives!

Warmest wishes,
Mrs Hunter