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Another great week in Year 6

Week two has flown by and we have packed in a lot in Year 6!  The children have really impressed me with their willingness to challenge themselves and be resilient in Maths, which has led to them showing off their skills in rounding, ordering and comparing numbers.

In Literacy, they really enjoyed watching each other’s role plays, based on their focus book: ‘Tuesday’.  Police Officers interviewed a variety of eye-witnesses, enabling children to think of the story from various viewpoints.

The PGL residential trip is almost upon us – how exciting!  It will be fantastic to get to know so many of the children even more.  Here’s hoping for some dry weather!

Have a happy weekend.

Mrs Chassebi

Welcome to Year 6!

It has been an absolute delight getting to know your children over the past few days and here’s to a fantastic final year at Two Waters!

In Maths, we have been looking at formal written methods for the four operations, which we will continue to do next week. The children have also learned a times table game, which involves a packet of playing cards, that they may wish to play with you at home.

In Literacy, we have used a wordless book, ‘Tuesday’, as a starting point for various elements of grammar.  We will continue to use it to explore powerful language choices when writing about the adventures of levitating lily pads and flying frogs.

Homework packs have been sent out this afternoon and are linked with our topic:  The UK. Your children have made clay model maps of the UK this afternoon so they should be able to tell you about its countries, along with capital cities and other towns.

Have a restful weekend and I look forward to seeing all their smiley faces again on Monday!

Mrs Chassebi

Skiing 2017!

Unfortunately, we have reached the end of the skiing sessions, however I am extremely impressed with the progress that has been made by the class. Six weeks ago most of the children had never put on a set of skis and now all the children are confident going down the hill with some children even making it to the top of the main slope.

It has been lovely to see so many of you coming to see the progress that the children have been making through the weeks. If you were unable to attend the sessions I have put some pictures on the Year six section of the school website for you to enjoy.

I really hope your children enjoyed this opportunity to try something completely different.

Young Voices 2017!

What a fantastic night we had last night performing as part of the biggest children’s choir in the world at the 02 in London!

The children were all amazing and I am extremely proud of every one of them. I hope that those of you who came to watch last night enjoyed it as much as the children ,and the adults, enjoyed performing it.

I have put a selection of photos on the Year 6 section of the school website for you to enjoy.

Year 6

I would like to begin by thanking everyone for welcoming me back to Two Waters. It has been lovely to be back and spend time with the class.

We have begun our new topic by learning about Mary Anning, who was a famous fossil hunter of the 1800s and whose discoveries can be seen in the Natural History Museum. We have also begun leaning our songs for the Young Voices concert in January. The children have received a copy of the lyrics if they wish to do any additional practice at home.

Buddy Assembly

We’ve had a busy week in Year 6.  We practised and then performed our Buddy Assembly.  It has been so nice to see the Year 6 children with their buddies.  It brings out the very best in them.  They have been incredibly kind and supportive to the younger children.

We have also started TTRockstars!  This allows the children to enter times tables challenges against each other and was a great hit in class today.  Children should be using the website as much as possible to improve their knowledge and speed.

Miss Shay

TT Rockstars!  Guess who won that game!

TT Rockstars! Guess who won that game?


Busy Week for Year 6!

What a week we’ve just had! It all began on Monday with 7 of the children representing the school at the Dacorum Athletics competition. The children all did a brilliant job and helped the school achieve 7th out of 15. Especially well done to the girls relay team who won their race.

On Tuesday the children received their Sexual Education session. I was very impressed with the mature attitude shown by the class and the sensible questions asked.

Next up was a big one; The Rocky Monster Show. The children have been working extremely hard over the past few weeks to ensure they put on a show to remember. I was extremely proud of all the children for remembering their lines and singing so beautifully. Photos will be appearing on the website soon.


Finally, the children received a well earned treat when they visited Go Ape in Black Park. The children had a wonderful time and I was very pleased that so many of the children overcame their fear of heights. They represented the school wonderfully (as they always do) and photos are up on the website to view.

Next week will of course be another busy one as the children move into their final week at Two Waters! They will be enjoying the talent show on Thursday and of course would like to invite you all in for their Leavers’ Assembly on the Friday morning.

Amaravati Monastery

On Wednesday the children from Year 6 when to visit the Amaravati Monastery in Great Gaddesden. We were shown around the monastery and got to learn how the Monks and Nuns live their lives. We also got to join in with the lunchtime ritual and even got to try some meditation. The trip was very informative and we came back with a better understanding of the Buddhist faith. Pictures are on the Year 6 section of the school website.

The Apprentice

Yesterday our Apprentice topic came to its dramatic conclusion when all the children had to present a pitch to a panel of judges consisting of myself, Mrs Hill and Mr Gately, who was playing the role of Sir Alan Sugar.

The children had been working in a group of three to design a new reception classroom for their buddies using the 3D modelling software Sketchup. They then had to come up with a 2-4 minute presentation explaining all the features of their design and way they had included them. Each group then presented their pitch in the hall in front of the panel of judges.

This can be quite an intimidating task, however all the children were fantastic. They all spoke clearly and with confidence. They had thought carefully about what a reception classroom needed and had demonstrated a range of skills on Sketchup in order to create it.

After much careful discussion between the judges the winning team was decided. Congratulations to Afreen, Ollie C and Teddy who won this competition.

All the children’s work has been converted into videos which are available on the Year 6 section of the school website under videos.

The end of SATs

I would like to say a massive well done to all the children in Year 6, who demonstrated a fantastic attitude this week to complete their SATs. I am really proud of all the children who have worked extremely hard, not just this week, but across the course of the year. All the tests have been completed and sent off and we will now need to wait until July before we find out more.

The children now have the rest of the year to look forward to including performing the Year 6 production.