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Traction Man leaps into Year 5 (wearing combat boots, battle pants and his warfare shirt)!

We have had lots of fun during Creative Week, which this term was based on Mini Grey’s book ‘Traction Man’.  The children have participated in hot seating, role play, freeze frames, small world scenes, diary writing and slime making!  We managed to find some time for Maths too! The children have been ‘working their socks off’ to compare and add fractions.  Next week, we will continue with fractions, looking further at addition and introducing subtraction.  We will also start our new topic of Medieval Britain, looking at the Bayeux Tapestry and Domesday Book.

Of course, we are also looking forward to celebrating World Book Day next week too!  We are inviting the children to come dressed up as their favourite ‘hero’ from a book.  We have discussed with the children that when choosing their hero, it is best to think of a book, rather than a film or comic.  We will also be holding ‘drop everything and read’ breaks throughout the day and children are welcome to bring a favourite blanket or pillow with them, to make the reading breaks cosy and fun!

Mrs Hunter

Happy Half Term

I hope you are all enjoying a relaxing half term!  We finished ‘Spring 1’ with an exciting week including Internet Safety Day, No Pens Day and a trip to the Synagogue in St Albans.  Internet Safety Day focused on creating, connecting and sharing respect and the children had super ideas about how to use the Internet sensibly, wisely and with kindness and respect.  No Pens Day was a resounding success.  With all writing implements removed from the classroom, the children focused solely on speaking and listening.  They really impressed me with their oral retelling of Traditional Tales and their designs of Infomercials to sell frying pans!  The afternoon saw the classroom converted to a mock House of Commons.  The children voted on a topic to debate (should mobile phones be allowed in school) and used their prior learning of persuasive language to put their arguments forward.

The trip to the Synagogue gave the children the opportunity to see, first hand, a Torah, an Arc, the Synagogue itself as well as other artefacts.  They were impeccably well behaved and asked very insightful and considered questions.

On return to school next week, we will start with a ‘Creative Week’ before launching our new topic – Medieval Britain – the following week.

Warmest wishes,
Mrs Hunter

The Grand Canyon and Traditional Tales

Dear Parents,

The first half of this Spring Term is certainly flying by.  The children have started the new topic of ‘The Grand Canyon’ and have been exploring the geographic features of this ‘Wonder of the World’ and considering the different biomes that exist within it.  They have also used The Grand Canyon as inspiration for poetry writing.  Over the past two weeks, the children have been focused on Traditional Tales and this coming week will see them write their own invented version.  In Maths, we have explored Multiplication and Division and will be looking at Fractions next.  These units rely very heavily on accurate Times Table knowledge and I have asked all the children to keep up the good work and to practice their Times Tables every day.

Our school trip to a Synagogue is only a couple of weeks away (8th February).  Children will need to bring a water bottle and their normal mid-morning snack in a small backpack.  They will be in school uniform but should ensure they have a jumper and coat for the trip.

I hope you all have enjoyable weekends!
Mrs Hunter

Merry Christmas

Dear Parents

I can hardly believe the first term of Year 5 is over!  I have been so proud of what the children have achieved over the past weeks and thoroughly enjoyed hearing them sing at St Mary’s yesterday and at the School Carol Concert this morning.  Next term, we will be looking at two new topics – The Grand Canyon (Geography) and Properties and Changes of Materials (Science).  In addition, Maths will see us focus on Multiplication and Division and we will be exploring traditional tales in Literacy.

In the meantime, Mrs Siddique and I would like to say a huge thank you for all the lovely presents you have so generously given us (we hope the children liked their gifts too!) and we look forward to seeing all the children in January.

Warmest wishes,
Mrs Hunter & Mrs Siddique

To infinity and beyond…!

This week, the children took part in a Space Dome workshop, as pre-learning for our Space topic later in the school year.  The children explored the training necessary to become an astronaut and investigated a variety of planets and stars.  They finished with a fun ‘roller coaster’ experience through the rings of Saturn.  In Literacy, we are looking at instructional texts and in Maths we are learning about perimeter and area.  We are coming towards the end of our topic of Anglo Saxons and will be exploring buoyancy in our final Science lesson of the year next week.

Enjoy your weekends!
Mrs Hunter

Ciao, come stai?!

Ciao!  We have had such a fun week, focusing on Growth Mindset as we learnt a new skill – Italian.  The children have really impressed me with their hard work and resilient.  Those parents who were able to join us on Deco Day were treated to a rendition of Silent Night in Italian, which was the culmination of 4 days hard work!  We also had fun baking pizzas on Thursday to celebrate our week.

Deco Day was a super occasion and the children made Christmas Cards, 3d Christmas Trees, calendars and clay tiles.  The clay tiles were on the theme of Angels, in response to an invitation from St Mary’s Church to contribute to their Angel Festival this Christmas.  The children’s tiles will be on display at the Church over the festive period and then will be ready for the children to take home.  Pictures will be posted next week on the class website area, but in the meantime, a couple of photos below for you!

Warmest wishes,
Mrs Hunter

Anglo-Saxon Day

I was so proud of Year 5 on Wednesday.  They participated fully in our Anglo-Saxon day, impressing all the grown ups with their questions, ideas and role playing!  Through the day, they found out about the Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and Normans.  They re-enacted a Mead Hall meeting, the Battle of Hastings and most entertainingly, crime and punishment.  They also took part in performing the poem ‘Beowulf’.  They were all beautifully behaved and our workshop leader said it had been an absolute pleasure to come and see us at Two Waters.  There are a couple of photos below and more in the Year 5 Gallery.

Next week is Creative Week.  On Monday, children will need to have a coat and trainers in school.  If your child is wearing a skirt or dress on Monday, please also ensure they have a pair of tracksuit bottoms they can change into for one of our activities (I know many of the children will already have this as part of their PE kit).

I hope to see many of you on Friday for Deco Day.  Please can you complete the slip at the bottom of this week’s school newsletter, if you would like to come and join us at one of the morning sessions.

Enjoy your weekend!
Mrs Hunter


Fireworks and Gravity

In preparation for next Friday’s art exhibition, Year 5 have been designing and painting their canvasses to great effect, showing resilience and determination as they move from drafts to final versions.  Alongside this, the Year 5 Tag Rugby Team made us all proud on Thursday when they played at Astley Cooper.  In maths, we have been exploring multiples and factors, prime numbers and square numbers.  The children have continued to investigate forces and used Newton Meters this week.  Next week, we will be looking at air resistance.

Wishing you a fun weekend!
Mrs Hunter


Just before half term, the children had nearly completed their Henri Rousseau inspired artwork. Based on his painting ‘Surprised!’, the children painted their own versions.  Some children chose to keep the original tiger whilst others chose another rainforest animal to add to their painting.  This week, we finished our masterpieces and I have been so impressed with the end results.  A small selection are in the Year 5 Gallery area of the school website.  This week we started our new literacy topic of ‘explanations’.  In Maths we are finishing our unit on statistics and from next week will be looking at multiplication and division.  Our Science topic is ‘forces’.  This week, the children thought about what they already knew and what they would like to investigate.  We then went outside and completed ‘freeze frames’ to demonstrate various forces.  A couple of photos are below – others are in the Year 5 gallery.  Can you guess which forces they are demonstrating?!  Finally, new homework packs have been sent home and the first set of spellings was issued today, ready for next week’s test.

Enjoy your weekends!
Mrs Hunter

Den building and reading (and happy half term!)

The children and I can hardly believe it is half term next week!  As a way of celebrating the end of our Rainforest topic, the children spent Monday afternoon building dens in our woodland area.  The challenge was to build a waterproof shelter initially out of natural materials.  They then had the choice of incorporating a tarpaulin – which was more challenging due to the high winds!  The children had a great afternoon and there are some fun pictures below!

As requested, I have updated the Year 5 reading list which can now be found in the ‘Curriculum’ section of the Year 5 area of our website.

Finally, I’d like to wish you all a very restful half term when it arrives!

Warmest wishes,
Mrs Hunter