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Second week in Year 5

We have had a busy week in Year 5.  We have been playing netball in PE, practising our ball skills and playing team games.  In RE, we have explored religions worldwide, using the computers to investigate statistics and locations – the children then presented their findings to each other.  In Art we sketched plants and trees around the school grounds, paying attention to texture and shading.  Finally in Computing, we are learning about databases.  The children had great fun creating top trump cards to illustrate the structure of a database.

I look forward to seeing many of you on Monday afternoon at 2.45pm.

Wishing you relaxing weekends!
Mrs Hunter

Welcome to Year 5!

Good afternoon!

I hope you have all had lovely summers.  Welcome to Year 5!  I have really enjoyed getting to know the children this week.  We have been reviewing place value in Maths and grammar in Literacy.  The children have had fun creating a rainforest tree for our Rainforest topic and creating rainforest musical compositions.

We will start our Talk4Writing unit on Monday, which will be adventure stories.  The children will be using Michael Morpurgo’s ‘Running Wild’ as their class book.  To link to this, they will be also be exploring artwork by Henri Rousseau.

Homework packs have been sent out this evening (also available on the website), along with the first week’s spellings which will be tested next Friday.  Please note that the Homework pack refers to TT Rockstars, however, TT Rockstars will be replaced with Mathletics this year – further details of this will be sent out in due course.

I hope you have a good weekend!
Warmest wishes,
Mrs Hunter

Start of Summer 2

Year 5 have had an amazing start to Summer 2!

We have enjoyed lots of science investigations where we have been testing out the friction of different materials as well as designing our own parachutes.

At home we have been working hard on our homework and have even created our own Medieval cheese cake- some of which we got to taste – an interesting insight into Medieval cooking!

In preparation for Sports Day – we have been practicing our racing skills as well as designing and testing out our own obstacle courses!

Summer 2 begins!

Year 5 had a lovely half term, lots of holidays and special events that they were all happy to share with each other this week.

We kicked off the week with some forces experiments in Science. Year 5 designed and implemented a fair test on the friction of different materials. They later designed a fair test on air resistance – a parachute for James Bond!

We are looking forward to starting our Medieval topic next week, so any research you can do at home will really help the learning 🙂

The children produced some great adventure stories- kicking off our new topic in Literacy where we will be studying the Walrus and the Carpenter by Lewis Carroll.

Year 5 Science Museum Trip

Year 5 were very lucky to have day trip to London, visiting the Science Museum to support the Science topic of ‘Space Travel’.

Children worked in groups moving around the different space exhibitions, discussing key questions from how do you think they built it? to what was it made of and how did it get to space?

All the children behaved beautifully and represented the school wonderfully 🙂

All the staff were very impressed and praised the whole of year 5 for their mature approach to the exhibitions and attitude moving round the busy museum.

We were lucky enough to see Tim Peaks actual space craft as well as many historical space crafts used by Russian, American and British space engineers.

After lunch we had  free time in our groups to explore the different exhibitions, Some children even managed to get their name flashed in LED lights in the center of the museum!


Congratulations on a fun and educational visit 🙂


Year 5 Eco Day

Year 5 have had a fantastic week!

New learning in maths – The children impressed with their previous knowledge of percentage to fraction conversions.

In literacy we are coming to the end of our instruction writing topic, focusing on narrative poetry next week.

Eco day was a massive success! We had  a great assembly informing us about how to recycle effectively and be keen eco warriors!

We focused our learning on Endangered species and how we can help as individuals. We also wrote a letter to the Prime Minister, Theresa May asking her to help support the conservation of endangered animals.


Litter picking and seed planting, Year 5 were a joy to teach and were very knowledgeable about how to take care of our planet 🙂

Number Day Year 5

What a week!

Year 5 have been showing off even more of their maths skills – this time to battle it out between the houses to design a Brussel Sprout flinging Robot!

Using their maths (and science) skills they designed a catapult that would launch their Brussel the furthest!

Children then measured how far they had flung their stinky brussels with Chess in year 5 winning!

However the adults were particularly impressed with Bulbourne and Vers team work and attitude to this task.

We currently have some new recruits in Year 5… of the shrimp variety!#Miss Motrem, from Year 4 kindly treated the children to Trips – pre-historic shrimps that are currently hatching in Year 5 🙂 The children are really interested in their life cycle and how they’ve survived being in a packet all this time!

Final week of Spring 1 – what a hlaf term- keep up the amazing attitude to learning and… Smashing everyone in TT Rockstars Year 5- so impressed!



Fractions Fractions Fractions!

Year 5 have been smashing through their fractions learning this year!

All the adults in the class have been very impressed with the children’s attitude to learning and even more so with their AMAZING posters they have designed to help support theirs and others learning!

Year 5’s attitude to learning has spilled over into other subjects with their keenness to learn as much as possible about the Anglo-Saxons!

Miss Ford has been over whelmed with the out of class learning some children have been doing as well as sharing with the rest of the class!

We are currently one marble away from getting our whole class trip… as well as in the process of deciding what that treat will be!

An amazing Spring term so far…Keep it up year 5, you’re amazing!

Welcome back Year 5

What a great holiday we all had!

Year 5 shared all the things they were grateful for over Christmas – we all recognised how lucky we all are to have our family and friends around us 🙂

WE started our topic of Anglo-Saxons with a bang exploring why the famed warriors invaded Briton and took over from the Romans.

We have all enjoyed exploring our new science topic of changes of state – we hope to use our knowledge of how materials change and apply this to a Crime Scene in the near future…

Fractions are our focus this term…so we are really showing off our hard work and determination in solving some very complex proper and improper fraction questions!

Beowulf has been our Literacy focus and we are enjoying exploring Anglo-Saxon language as well as some gruesome imagery!



Penultimate week before Xmas

Year 5 have had a great week preparing for the Xmas holidays!

Working really hard using number lines, negative numbers and identifying the value of the digits in 6 digit numbers.

Literacy has been tough, learning how to describe characters through shown not tell techniques as well as use lots of different descriptive language features to portray some very interesting characters (Rumpelstiltskin!)

Alongside preparing to create our own documentary on the USA as part of our topic learning we had the pleasure of Xmas dinner in the class room!


The adults in the room were SO impressed with how polite and well mannered all the children were during this chaotic lunchtime!

So a big well done Year 5 🙂

As part of our music learning we listened to, learnt and then created a performance to some traditional Xmas – take a peak at the pics below!