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Week two in Year 1!

What a week! It has just flown by.

This week, we received Dinosaur eggs to house in our class. We are waiting to see if they will hatch over the coming weeks! We have also been adding some leaves and vines to our role play area.

In Maths, we have been working on simple addition. We have focused on adding ‘one more’ or ‘two more’ to a given number. Next week we will be looking at number bonds and different ways to make a group of ten.

Next week we will be carrying on with our dinosaur theme to explore and create different story maps in literacy.

The children have worked very hard this week, and I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Miss Sperling

Sticky sandwiches!

What an incredible week we all had last week in Year 1.

The children worked so hard on their writing last week and discussing what we could write instructions for. On Friday we had a very sticky and messy morning (but lots of fun) by making sandwiches- the catch however was that we had to listen to the instructions carefully to make sure that we were doing it right. We could choose from; jam, butter, marmalade and honey!

This week are using this as our stimulus to write some more instructions- we are half way through and the children are producing some fantastic writing (take a look at the gallery for pictures of our sandwich making)

Here is to another fantastically fun (and probably messy) week!


Miss Mitchell

Its half term!

What another busy week for everybody in Year 1.

I want to say a massive thankyou for all the wonderful model dinosaurs that have been brought in and shared with the class. All the teachers around the school have been coming in and commenting on what fantastic artists the children in year 1 are. I am sure that they are all taking pride of place back home now.

It was great to be able to catch up with everyone for parents evening and share all the highs that we have had as a class so far.

Next term we will start looking at the gunpowder plot so keep an eye out for fireworks over the half term but remember to stay safe!

Have a restful and enjoyable half term!

The enormous…pumpkin!

What another fun filled and jam packed week we had had in Year 1. The children worked really hard for the Harvest assembly and it was great to see so many parents come to watch. They learnt their poem really well and everyone has been talking about what a lot they had to remember!

There was lots of excitement surrounding the huge pumpkin, we had a great Science lesson using our senses to explore it. Please have a look at the pictures on our page on the website and see how much fun we had!

As we enter the last week before half term we will be looking at our number bonds again and lots of different ways to do it!

Ready steady…write!

Another wonderful week in Year 1 has flown past!!

I was amazed at how much more the children knew about Dinosaurs since the beginning of September, they are teaching me so much! We will all be dinosaur experts in no time at all.

Thank you to everyone who came to the maths work shop on Tuesday night it was wonderful to see so many parents and children eager to practice their adding and subtracting skills.

I really would like to congratulate the children on finishing their first hot-task piece of writing for this year, the improvement since the beginning of the year is already evident to see and I can’t wait to see them gain more confidence and skills week on week.

Next week we will be tackling subtraction and working on our new story ‘Dear Zoo’ the children are already showing how well they know the story why not see if they can already remember it over the weekend?

Have a restful and enjoyable weekend,

Miss Mitchell, Mrs Finnamore and Mrs Hammond

A magical week in Year 1.

What a great week for learning it has been in Year 1 this week. I would like to say a huge thank you to the children who welcomed me back on Wednesday with such warm smiles, it definitely made me feel better.

This week we practiced our story ‘The magic porridge pot’ a lot and even began to change it, our new story had a dog and an octopus in- it really made for an interesting read. The children produced some fantastic and imaginative pieces of work which were a joy to read.

Our maths focus this week has been addition and I have already seen a huge improvement in their abilities it is wonderful to see. Next week we will be looking at measuring so if you get a chance this weekend why not measure your children and see how tall they are!

It has been an incredibly positive week for all the children and I cant wait to see the work that they produce next week.


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Mitchell and Mrs Finnamore

A wet and windy Friday

What a great second week in Year 1!

We have really got in to the swing of the timetable this week and the children produced some wonderful pieces of writing for our cold-task this week.

This week we have been learning ‘The magic porridge pot’ and the children have created their own version of the story map . The children were all sent home this week with the class version of the story map which they should be able to tell you over the weekend.

Next week we will be looking to change the story and make it different, the children have already been coming up with some wonderful suggestions including changing the setting to a desert island!

The children have worked really hard this week and wish them a relaxing and fun weekend ready for the week ahead.

Miss Mitchell and Mrs Finnamore

Welcome to year 1.

Wow! What a great first week we have had in Year 1. We have all settled in brilliantly and the children have all been so helpful showing me around the school. I was really impressed at how amazing they are at tidying up.

We began our topic this week on dinosaurs and have produced some great Literacy work. If the children have any artefacts or books about dinosaurs please bring them in to share with the class!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Mitchell

End of term talent show

Dear Parents

I spoke to the children today about our end of term talent show and the skills they would like to show off!  The children have asked for a little more time to rehearse and so we have moved the ‘auditions’ to Monday, in class time.  The children may ask you for some help with their acts.  There is a list up in the classroom if you would like to check what your child is proposing to do!

Beanstalks, Giants and Sports Day!

We have had a very busy week in Year 1.  Sports Day was the main highlight, with all the children trying their very best for their Houses.  Well done everyone!  On Wednesday, the children came into school to discover a giant beanstalk in the classroom!  They are now writing instructions about how to catch the giant at the top of the beanstalk and using some super imperative verbs, time words and adverbs.  Finally, Mr Gately reminded us about the end of term talent show so I’m sure there will be lots of budding performers in Year 1 who are keen to show off their talents.  We will be ‘auditioning’ on Wednesday afternoon during class time, so if any of your children would like to take part, please remind them to bring in their instruments / dancing shoes / musical instruments etc on Wednesday!