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Happy Half-Term Year 6

It’s been a busy couple of weeks in Year 6 and the time has flown.  The children had a brilliant time at the O2; their behaviour was impeccable and their enthusiasm was infectious.  I was incredibly sad not to have gone with them, although Miss Shay was full of high praise and pride upon their return.

Our Viking theme culminated with a morning of preparing Viking vegetable soup and rustic bread, which we all enjoyed eating together – thank you Mrs Bennett!  We also completed our class reading book, ‘Viking Boy’ which received a resounding round of applause!  After half-term we will be having a creative week straight away, followed by our new topic: The Tudors.

It was great to see you all for parents’ evenings this week and thank you for your continued support at home, particularly with regards to the sustained reading opportunities and reminders to go on to partake in maths revision activities.

Have a wonderful half-term break everyone and enjoy a well-earned rest!

Kind regards,

Mrs Chassebi

Year 6

Another weekend is upon us and the children all deserve a well-earned, 2-day break!

In maths, they have worked their socks off and have achieved many successes with decimals and fractions.  Next week, we will also be looking at the relationships between decimals, fractions and percentages and finding percentages of amounts.  In Literacy, we are continuing to look at different techniques which authors use through a range of genres and applying these in our own writing.  Four girls from Year 6 had the opportunity of attending a Writers’ Day this week and meeting the author, Ciaran Murtagh (photo below).  Mrs Bennett was very impressed with their contributions on the day and, as a class, we enjoyed hearing about some of the author’s top tips for creative writing!

Enjoy your weekend everyone and have fun practising the songs and dance moves for this Tuesday’s trip to the O2!

Mrs Chassebi


Happy Weekend Year 6

In Year 6, the children have been continuing to work hard in the various areas of learning and have had another busy week.  There has been lots of challenge and perseverance in Maths, where children have been multiplying decimal numbers by 10, 100 and 1000 using knowledge of place value and extending this to multiplying decimal numbers by decimal numbers; next week we will be using similar knowledge to divide decimal numbers and to problem solve in a range of decimal contexts.  So if any children want to go on Mathletics, these are good areas to focus upon.

Lots of super Viking homework has been coming in and it’s been great to see children taking pride in their work.  We have had conversations about this in class this week, encouraging children to use their best presentation and work ethic in pieces of work across the curriculum.  The class have been enjoying our class reader, Viking Boy, which is rich in language and plot and has prompted lots of discussions.  Please continue to help us foster your children’s love for reading, by encouraging them to read as much as possible at home – thank you.

The class have been very appreciative of the CGP books which Two Waters have purchased for them, in order to practise and reinforce the many areas of mathematics along with spelling, punctuation and grammar.  The children will be bringing these books home on a regular basis, which they are really keen to do, with a quick turnaround of completing a brief activity (approximately 10 / 15 minutes) and returning to school fairly promptly.  They’ve been really organised and efficient in doing this so far, standing them in good preparation for secondary school.

Thanks again for all your continued support – your children are a delight to know and teach.

Happy weekend,

Mrs Chassebi


Happy New Year to Year 6

Happy new year to all the families of Year 6; I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas break and are feeling rested.

The children have settled back in well over the past two days and continue to impress adults around the school with their good behaviour choices and positive role modelling.

We are looking forward to finding out lots about The Vikings in our new topic and a homework pack linked with this will be brought home with the children on Monday.  In Science, the children will start to look at Classification and next week’s Maths will be all about co-ordinates and also transitions. This half-term’s Literacy unit will cover a whole range of fictional genres which the children will compare and contrast.  The children have all come home with their new spellings today, which can also be found on the school’s website.  As usual, please do encourage them to read as much as possible and to take part in Mathletics activities which will support their learning.

Have a happy weekend, whatever you are doing, and I’ll look forward to a full week of learning (and laughter) next week.

Warm wishes,

Mrs Chassebi

Happy Christmas!

We did it!

The autumn term has simply whizzed by and your children have been an absolute pleasure to teach; they are really blossoming and growing-up!

It was great to see so many of you at this morning’s Christmas singing event.  Thank you for getting with the 80’s bug and enabling them all to come in so brilliantly dressed up.  They really looked the part and performed the Band Aid song fantastically.  I was very proud of them as I’m sure you were too.

Thank you so much for all your generous Christmas presents; I’ve been very spoilt!  Enjoy a wonderful fortnight of family fun and I look forward to seeing you all again in January.

Happy Christmas!

Mrs Chassebi

Year 6 Festivities

Happy Friday to you all,

Another week has flown by and the children have been working hard at using BIDMAS to solve fraction calculations; getting to know ‘The Great Paper Caper’ text as a springboard to discussion writing; researching more about the Mayans through History and Computing and creating festive lights through Science and D and T.  On Monday, the class will complete their festive light products and present them to our Two Water ‘Dragons’.

The class have also begun to learn the Band Aid song for our class performance on the morning of December 19th.  They have been asked if they can bring in some 80s-inspired clothes, by next Friday, so that they can all really feel the part!  They are all looking forward to performing in front of you so it will be great to see lots of you here on the last day of term.

Have a happy weekend and I will see some of you at Sainsbury’s on Sunday for the FTW bag-packing event.

Warm wishes,

Mrs Chassebi

Learning new skills!

It’s been another fun filled week in Nursery this week!

We are well underway with our Nativity rehearsals and the children are really enjoying it. They have learnt so many new songs with actions, everyone around the school has been commenting on how wonderful it sounds.  We are hoping to see lots of you for our performance on Wednesday 13th at 9:30!

This week was creative week throughout the school and our focus has been growth mindset. As our Literacy unit has been ‘The tiger who came to tea’ we have learnt as a class how to draw tigers. Each day we have focused on a different part of a tigers face, on Monday we will be putting all these different elements together to do our final piece. All our different pieces of work will be put in to a book to show the development throughout the week.

We ended this week with Deco day, the children loved spending the morning making Christmas decorations. A big thank you to all the adults who dropped in to help!

Next week sees our very first trip to the theatre to see ‘The tiger who cam to tea’ the children (and staff) are really excited. Please be reminded that we will be meeting in Bunnings car park between 7:45 and 7:55 ready to leave on the coach at 8:00.

Have a wonderful weekend,

The Nursery team 


Year 6 have a Growth Mindset!

What a week we’ve had in Year 6!  As part of our creative week, we have focussed on Growth Mindset and tasked ourselves with the challenge of solving the Rubik’s cube.  The children have shown resilience, patience, persistence and enthusiasm which are all qualities that have paid off.  On many occasions they have turned things around upon ‘hitting the wall’ and  have really supported each other along the way.  It has been a delight to see the face of each child in class as they have performed the ‘last turn’ to solve the cube!

The Rubik’s has leant itself to many Maths opportunities to include problem solving, reasoning, logic, degree turns, perimeter and area, nets of shapes and mosaic building.  Have a look at some of the results below (and there are more in the Two Water’s gallery).

Have an enjoyable weekend everyone and Happy December to you!

Mrs Chassebi

Thank you Year 6

We’ve had another great week in Year 6 and the children have continued to work hard with fractions, share their knowledge about the Mayans and use emotive language in their narratives with flashbacks, based on ‘The Piano’ animation.  Below are some pictures of the children in action, embedding their ideas through role play.

On two separate occasions this week, staff on playground duty have commented positively on either the general behaviour of Year 6 or their excellent manners. It has been lovely to hear that they are being such good role models within the school; keep it up Year 6!

Have a happy weekend and I look forward to seeing the children on Monday, ready to grow their minds with a Rubik’s cube!

Mrs Chassebi

Year 6 Trip to Amaravati Monastery

On Thursday, the class enriched their RE learning with a visit to a local monastery.  We all gained a fascinating insight into the day to day rituals of Buddhist monks and nuns, along with further knowledge about the beliefs and practices of the Buddhist community.  The children showed excellent behaviour throughout the morning and were a credit to yourselves and the school.  They also had the opportunity of taking part in some simple meditation, which fits in well with our focus on Mindfulness and gave them some strategies for relaxing and clearing their minds.  Here are a few photos below and a larger selection has been added to the Year 6 Gallery.

Have a wonderful, relaxing and calming weekend !

Mrs Chassebi