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Thank you Year 6

We’ve had another great week in Year 6 and the children have continued to work hard with fractions, share their knowledge about the Mayans and use emotive language in their narratives with flashbacks, based on ‘The Piano’ animation.  Below are some pictures of the children in action, embedding their ideas through role play.

On two separate occasions this week, staff on playground duty have commented positively on either the general behaviour of Year 6 or their excellent manners. It has been lovely to hear that they are being such good role models within the school; keep it up Year 6!

Have a happy weekend and I look forward to seeing the children on Monday, ready to grow their minds with a Rubik’s cube!

Mrs Chassebi

Year 6 Trip to Amaravati Monastery

On Thursday, the class enriched their RE learning with a visit to a local monastery.  We all gained a fascinating insight into the day to day rituals of Buddhist monks and nuns, along with further knowledge about the beliefs and practices of the Buddhist community.  The children showed excellent behaviour throughout the morning and were a credit to yourselves and the school.  They also had the opportunity of taking part in some simple meditation, which fits in well with our focus on Mindfulness and gave them some strategies for relaxing and clearing their minds.  Here are a few photos below and a larger selection has been added to the Year 6 Gallery.

Have a wonderful, relaxing and calming weekend !

Mrs Chassebi


Year 6’s Week

Another week has flown by and Year 6 were delighted to receive the ‘neatest handwriting and presentation’ award from Mr Gately. They have really been taking pride in the presentation of their books and have also shown great attention to detail within their artwork.  If you are able to make it to the ‘Firework’ art gallery exhibition next Friday evening, then I am sure you will be very impressed with their Van Gogh-inspired acrylic canvases.

As you are aware, the children have an arithmetic paper as part of their homework pack; they won’t know everything within the paper but it will give me a good idea of the areas which children are feeling more or less confident about.  Similarly, we will carry out a few different tests in class next week to begin to see where the common gaps are and to give children strategies for answering questions presented in many different ways.

Our work on fractions has continued and there has been a super atmosphere in class with your children really wanting to challenge themselves and move forward with their learning: excellent!

To launch our Science topic of Electric Celebrations, we had three ‘Dragons’ visit our class (thanks to Mrs Bennett, Mrs Crisci and Hayley) to share this half-term’s challenge with them.  In small groups, the children will be designing, creating and presenting a working festive lights decoration!

Thank you for your continued support; it has been great to hear the amount and frequency of reading which the children have been doing at home.  Have a restful weekend.

Mrs Chassebi

Bang! Whizz! Pop!

It has been an exciting week learning about Bonfire Night. We teamed up with Nursery and enjoyed a range of creative and fun learning activities, such as firework dancing with ribbons and building rockets. 

We even got the chance to hold a sparkler. The children listened carefully to the safety instructions, such as wearing gloves and holding it out straight. We had a bucket of water in the middle which we put the hot sparklers into.


We also created our firework canvases for the Papermill Art Gallery. The children are really looking forward to showing off their sparkly pictures.

Messy Mondays involved using a pump filled with paint which the children stamped on. The paint shot out and created amazing firework effects on the paper! They also had a go at blowing the paint – that was more of a challenge. And as always the children got very messy!       

Forest Schools was great fun on Thursday. A huge thank you to Joel’s Mummy and Amelia’s Mummy who came into school to help with our second session. The children built dens for their woodland friends and also threaded leaves to hang as tree decorations. We will make sure the Forest School plans are attached to the notice board so you can see what they get up to each week!

Next week, we are going to be learning the story ‘Tiger who came to tea.’

We hope you have a wonderful weekend.

The Reception Team

Welcome Back Year 6

Welcome back! It’s been a great week in Year 6 and the children have really taken to all the new units and topics.

In Maths, we have been working on fractions and will continue to do so for the next few weeks. Our Literacy unit is flashbacks with narratives and will revolve around the short, emotive animation: The Piano.  We have listened carefully to the music which accompanies this piece and linked it to the narrative’s sections.

We have also started to listen to the plethora of songs which we will be singing at the O2 for Young Voices and weekly practice will begin from now onwards. Children have their homework packs which are based around our new topic, The Ancient Mayans, and I was pleased that everyone returned their first piece to me on time this week – thank you for your support in encouraging them to be organised with deadlines.

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the fireworks!

Mrs Chassebi

Happy Holidays

What a great seven weeks we’ve had in Year 6! (and it’s gone so quickly!)

This week has seen our work around ‘Arthur Spiderwork’s Field Guide’ come to an end with fantastic hot tasks being written by the children. They have also finished their Science unit on light where they made periscopes with card and mirrors.  In Maths, the children were enthusiastic to learn about the order of operations (BIDMAS) and apply this in different contexts.

This afternoon we have enjoyed an end of topic celebration of what it means to be part of the UK, with a tea party and playground games. The children showed excellent manners with their ‘pleases’, ‘thank yous’ and their ‘can you pass me the butter’ comments!  Lots of children are now converted tea-drinkers.

It was great to catch up with you all during parents’ evenings this week and thank you for your continued support. I hope you all enjoy a restful half term and I’m looking forward to hearing about what the children have been up to and which books they have read!

Thank you,

Mrs Chassebi


Almost there Year 6!

It’s beginning to feel a lot like autumn! The children have been learning the words to their Year 6 harvest song and, as a class, have put actions to it to enhance their performance.  It’s looking and sounding great so if you’re around next Thursday morning then do come along.

Also next week, I am looking forward to catching up with you all for parents’ evenings. It would be good if the children could come along too so that we can all communicate together – thank you.

The children have continued to work hard in class: challenging themselves in Maths; investigating shadows in Science and showing off their letter writing skills to Mr Gately in Literacy, advising him that ‘Changelings’ have been to visit our school for the day!

Have a super weekend and please remind the children that they can go on Mathletics any time they wish (they have their codes) and to read as much as they can (it really helps with their own writing).

Thank you.

Mrs Chassebi

Well done Year 6

Thank you for another great week Year 6 – it’s been a blast!

The children have really loved the current focus book: ‘Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You’ and have produced some AMAZING writing in school. They have also had fun with radio broadcasts, role plays and freeze frames when getting into character (see below for some  mischievous ‘boggart’ freeze frames.

They have continued to challenge themselves to work through the various methods of division and have used some great reasoning skills to notice patterns and relationships. To find out more about the different strategies used in Year 6 to solve the operations of subtraction, addition, multiplication and division, please do come along to the Maths Workshop on Tuesday 10th.

Some of the children appear quite tired at the moment; please encourage them to get plenty of sleep and some early nights – thank you!

Have a wonderful, autumnal weekend and hope to see lots of you on Tuesday.

Thank you,

Mrs Chassebi


Week 4 in Year 6

Another busy week in Year 6 and the children have done a great job of settling back into school life after last week’s trip.

At the beginning of the week they found out who their reception buddy was going to be and there has been a great deal of excitement in class about the prospect of spending time with their new young friends over the next year. It has been delightful watching them all alongside their buddies, showing how responsible, nurturing and thoughtful they can be.

Over the next few weeks we will be focussing our literacy lessons on a wonderful book: ‘Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You’. The children’s work around this context has already started to impress me – keep it up!

A fantastic PGL week

What a fantastic week at PGL for Year 6!  We really missed the three children who couldn’t make it and look forward to seeing them on Monday.

The children have all tried so many new things and have hopefully surprised themselves with what they were able to achieve.  They have all been awesome.  The adults were all impressed with their team-building skills, courage, behaviour, sense of fun and table manners!

We have taken lots of photos of the week, so if you would like to have them put on a memory stick for you to keep, then please send your child in with one in the next couple of weeks and I can sort that – there are some great ones!

Have a restful weekend and hopefully your children will teach you one of their new songs . . . “What’s that I hear . . .?” (You know all the words and actions kids!) 😉

Mrs Chassebi