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What a great first week back!

It has been such a busy week and it’s only the first week back!

Messy Mondays continues to be a great success. This week the children made slimy potions using wallpaper paste, glitter, finger nails, bats and bones! 

On Thursday the children had their first Forest School session which was fantastic. A huge thank you to all the parents for bringing in their clothing and overalls, it really helped. Thank you to Amy’s Mummy and Joel’s Mummy for coming in to help with the session.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Ward. Mrs Gelborova and Mrs Archibald




Happy Half Term!

We were so proud of Reception performing the Little Red Hen in Harvest Assembly on Thursday! They spoke so clearly and remembered the whole story. Well done children.

A huge thank you to Jack’s Mummy for reading to the class on Monday. The children loved the new version of ZOG and the FLYING DOCTORS!

Messy Mondays was a huge success! Thank you again for bringing in all the children’s overalls!


Hope you all have a wonderful half term!

See you all on Monday 30th October.

Miss Ward, Mrs Gelborova and Mrs Archibald

Reception have been busy!

Another busy week in Reception. We were lucky enough to have two Secret Storytellers this week. Both Heylani’s Mummy and Holly’s Daddy visited us and read two great stories. It was even Holly’s Daddy’s birthday today so we all sang Happy Birthday and cheered!


On Wednesday the children enjoyed a lovely Autumn walk around the school grounds where they collected many different coloured leaves.

We have had lots of children wanting to play ‘cops and robbers’ so to encourage some writing based on their interests Mrs Archibald helped them to create a ‘cops and robbers’ head quarters. Each day when they choose to play this game outdoors they have to sign their name in the book and identify which character they are going to play. It soon developed into even more mark making opportunities….

We have had a lot of ‘robbers’ causing mayhem in our Early Years outdoor area so the ‘cops’ managed to capture them and record their details.

If you would like to see some more pictures of this learning there is a display in the classroom for you to enjoy!

Have a great weekend and see you all on Monday.

Miss Ward, Mrs Gelborova and Mrs Archibald

Another wonderful week in Reception!

We enjoyed another Secret Storyteller this week! Maya’s Mummy visited us and read ‘Little Rabbit Foo Foo’ which the children loved! They joined in with all of the words and we even got to read it again at the end of the day.

The buddy assembly was a great success, it was so lovely to see all the children interacting and getting to know each other.


Some parents mentioned in the parent forum that they would like some guidance and explanations on the Early Years Assessment. We have uploaded a link and the document for ‘Foundation Years – Guidance for Parents.’ I hope it is useful.

Also during the Curriculum Meeting on Monday 2nd October at 3:25pm I will go through expectations in Maths and how to support your child.

Have a wonderful weekend,

See you all Monday!

Week 2 in Reception!

The children have completed their second week in Reception!

This week we have been learning the letter sounds i, n, p, g, o. We have also been practicing writing our names.

A huge thank you to Mrs Barnes who was our first Secret Storyteller this year! The children sat beautifully and listened really well.

I hope you all received your child’s home learning today. Please make sure the children’s phonics home learning folder is sent back into school each Thursday so we can update them with new letter sounds.

Just a reminder reading books will be changed Monday and Friday’s!

Have a great weekend!

Miss Ward, Mrs Gelborova and Mrs Archibald

Welcome to Reception!

The children have settled exceptionally well this week! They have enjoyed exploring the classroom both indoors and outdoors.


We have also discussed the classroom rules and introduced a new and improved snack bar which the children have absolutely loved. They have been brilliant with selecting their snack and then washing their bowls and spoons after eating.



A huge thank you for sending in all the bowls and spoons, tea towels, fairy liquid and tissues. We really do appreciate all of your help and support!

Please keep emailing family photographs as we will display them in the home corner in frames which the children enjoy looking at.

Reception Class Meeting will be held on Tuesday 12th September at 2:45 in the classroom.

Have a great weekend and see you Monday!

Supertato has been found…!

It has been an exciting couple of weeks. The Evil Peas captured Supertato and his vegetable friends! The children decided to create ‘WANTED’ posters and stick them around the school and some even built traps to catch The Evil Peas.

Finally, we found some Evil Peas in our outdoor area and we locked them in a jar. Then soon after we managed to find Supertato and his friends.

Just a little reminder that Monday 19th June is our School trip to College Lake. The weather is predicted to be extremely hot so please make sure your child is wearing a hat and sun cream has been applied before school. Also please provide your child with extra bottles of water.

Have a lovely weekend!


Eco Day

We had a great Eco Day! This morning the children enjoyed making bird feeders to hang in the trees as well as planting seeds in pots to keep in the greenhouse outdoors.

Then this afternoon we visited the pond and talked about how to keep it clean and tidy for the animals.

We also have some frog spawn in the classroom for the children to learn about. It’s been a very interesting day!

Please take a look on the website with the updated photos from Pancake Day, Forest Schools and Eco Day.


On Monday Osbornes visited us to begin the ‘Outdoor’ area planning with the children. Year 6 joined Reception with generating ideas on the large computerised plans which were made by one of the Osborne designers. It was a fantastic experience for everyone, we got the chance to put forward some brilliant ideas.

We can’t wait to see the final outcome!!

Please remember to keep bringing in 2 litre bottles for the project.

Also, a huge thank you to Ben’s Nanny who came in to school to read the class a story. The children listened beautifully!

Have a great weekend!

Reception Team



Welcome back!

Welcome back!

The children have come back to school ready to learn! They have been impressing the teachers with fantastic listening, great learning and extremely positive behaviour.

We introduced the topic of ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ on Monday which the children loved. They have been retelling the story all week using story maps, the role play area and the small world. Take a look on the website for more ‘Bear Hunt’ storytelling pictures!

In PE today we began retelling the story through dance! The children were absolutely fantastic! We gave each child a piece of green ribbon for the ‘long, wavy grass’ which the children moved in different ways. Then they found different ways of travelling ‘under’ each other in pairs. We are going to continue the story next week. Please make sure your child has their PE kit on their peg ready for Friday. Thank you.

Also, this week we had a visit from Phil who works with Bovis Housing. He donated some huge tubes for the children to explore in the outdoor area. It was very popular!

Next week, in Literacy we are going to begin changing the story of ‘We’re going on a bear hunt.’

Have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Ward