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Welcome Back!

Welcome back Reception!

We have had a busy start to the year – The Gingerbread Man hid from us and left some clues to find. Luckily we managed to find some of his friends and they tasted very good!

We also got the chance to join in with a Drama Workshop all about being Eco Superheroes. It was so much fun. We learnt how to act and move in different ways.

This week we are learning how write labels and short sentences about The Gingerbread Man.

I am going to send home a list of Red words today. Please practice reading and writing them with your child at home.

Thank you

Forest Schools has begun …

A huge thank you to all the parent/carer helpers who came into school last Thursday for our First Forest School session. It was really appreciated!

The children did a fantastic job getting themselves dressed into their overalls. They then went for a walk around the school grounds before setting off into the woodland area. Each child made their name label for the Hello Tree. They decorated their name with different natural materials such as leaves and feathers. Mrs Gelborova and Mrs Archibald taught them the Forest School song and 123 where are you? The children even got to have snack in the forest.

It was a wonderful start to Forest Schools!

Interesting Fruit

Each week we have a different interesting fruit displayed on the Snack Table. Last week it was melon. All week we discuss what we thought it would taste like, how it would look inside etc. Finally on the Friday the children got the chance to taste it and most of them loved it! Matilda commented how juicy it was and Noah loved how sweet it tasted. I wonder what this week’s interesting fruit will be…

Week 3 in Reception

Last week the children enjoyed their first session of Messy Mondays which involved powder paint and water. They mixed the paints to make different colours.

We all introduced ‘Wicked Wednesdays’ last week which involves exploring scientific experiments. They investigated what happened when you mix bicarbonate of soda and vinegar.

It has been a very exciting week!

Well done Reception!

The children had a fantastic week in Reception and they managed their first full day so well today!

We have been busy learning about the areas in the classroom with a grown up. All the children listened to the instructions given. They can now set up the painting equipment, use the bikes safely outdoors and also do the washing up after they have eaten snack. We were so impressed!

During Phonics this week the children practised writing their letters in shaving foam, glue and paint! We had lots of very messy hands!

Just a reminder for our Welcome Meeting on Monday 17th September at 2:45pm in the classroom.

Also please check out the notice board daily as I will be updating it regularly with news, dates and events coming up.

Have a wonderful weekend and see you all on Monday!

Mrs Kent, Mrs Gelborova and Mrs Archibald


Welcome to Reception!

Wow! We were so impressed with how well the children settled into school this week. They have all done extremely well.

We have had a very busy week exploring the classroom both indoors and outdoors. The children started Phonics on Day 1 and they did such a fantastic job! We have now learnt the letter sounds m, a, s and d. We have sent these four letter handwriting sheets for you to practise with your child at home. All the children joined in with the Jolly Phonics songs and loved meeting Scrap the dog and Fred the frog who help them with their reading.

The children made lots of new friends and played in many different areas of the classroom. They also enjoyed many activities such as cutting up courgettes, painting, riding bikes, building rockets and much more!

We introduced Bruno Bear today which the children were very excited about. Today Bruno chose to go home with Jack for the weekend. I wonder who he will choose for next Friday!

Please take a look at some of the photos below from this week. Also as you come into the classroom on Monday you will see our Learning Journey display which shows what they have been doing each week.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Fantastic PE sessions

Last half term our PE lessons were taught by Mrs Hutchins who is a specialist PE teacher. It has been a great learning opportunity for both the children and staff. The children gained valuable knowledge about a range of gymnastic positions and even got the chance to go on the apparatus.



It has been an exciting Monday in Reception! We received a message from Superhero HQ with a challenge. The Evil Peas from the story ‘Supertato’ had muddled up all of our sentences so we had to spend time fixing them.

It was also Messy Monday again this week…the children got the chance to use pumps and sprays to make marks in the rain! They got very wet and messy today!

Last week we learnt the cherry method in Maths. They had to select a number and then work out different ways to make the total using objects. Take a look at our fantastic problem solving! Have a go at home with your child and see if they can show you how to use the cherry method.

We also had a visitor from the Road Safety Officer who taught us all how to cross the road safely. The children listened beautifully and all cross the zebra crossing extremely well.

It has been a busy two weeks…and there is still more to come!


What a week and it’s only Wednesday…

This week has been extremely exciting for everyone, especially the children. Starting the week off with a snow day and then back on Tuesday for our Nativity Dress Rehearsal which went amazing. In the afternoon we had the best afternoon sledging and making snow angels on the field. The children had so much fun (even the adults got involved!)

Today’s show was absolutely fantastic, we were so proud of the children singing, dancing and speaking so clearly. We hope you enjoyed watching them on stage performing so well.

Please let us know if you can help on Friday with the walk to the church. Thank you!

Enjoy the rest of your week.

The Reception Team

Growth Mindset Week

It has been a fantastic creative week. We joined with Nursery to learn how to draw or paint a tigers face. Each day we focused on a different part of the tigers face, for example nose, ears and each group used a different media, such as watercolours, paints, crayons etc.

A huge thank you to Ethan’s Grandma who came in to school to be our Secret Storyteller, as well as all the parents who helped out during our Forest School session on Thursday and Deco Day today.

Have a great weekend!

The Reception Team