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Life Cycles- Ducklings

The Nursery have thoroughly enjoyed watching the ducklings hatch and grow over the last 2 weeks.

Over the next few weeks, the children will be practising and organising a performance of The Ugly Duckling which will be held in the last week of term. Letters will be given out next week.

The children all looked amazing on World Book Day. Thank you to all the Dad’s that came in to read!

Next Thursday is Eco Day. The children will be taking part in activities to help them understand how to look after our planet.

Please take a look at the website for more photos of world book day and the ducklings.

Have a great weekend,

The Nursery Team


Number Day

The children looked fantastic today, covered in numbers!

All week the children have enjoyed a range of activities based on shape and number.

Take a look at the website for more photos.

The Nursery Team

Secret Storyteller

This week’s Secret Storyteller was Mr Gately! Nursery loved Mr Gately’s enthusiastic and interactive reading of ‘The smartest giant in town’.

We still have many sessions free! If you would like to sign up for secret storyteller the list is up in the cloakroom.

Next Friday is Number Day, the children will be able to dress up in something ‘maths related’ like a top with a number on, a pattern…..or be a bit more creative and be something like a ladybird, number fairy/superhero. Your child is asked to bring in a donation of £1, to be given to the NSPCC.

Have a great weekend


The Nursery team

We’re going on a Bear Hunt

We can’t believe another week has flown by!

The children have drawn their own story maps and have been using them to re-tell the story We’re going on a Bear Hunt.

This week the children have started to change elements of the story ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’ to create their own version. The children decided that they would like to go on a Pirate Hunt! We looked at a variety of settings and discussed how we would describe them. So far, the children have come up with ideas such as ‘uh oh! strong, stormy waves! crash! splash! crash! splash!’

The children will be drawing their own story maps for their adapted versions next week.

In PE we have been using our bodies to create different shapes. We have been going over, under and through things. Take a look at the website for lots of photos of our dance sessions.

Have a lovely weekend

The Nursery Team x


We want to go on a Bear Hunt again!

Nursery had such a wonderful time at the Theatre yesterday. Despite the inconvenient starting point of the journey, the rest of the day ran extremely smoothly. All members of staff were so proud of the children’s behaviour on the coach and in the theatre. The children, (and adults!) thoroughly enjoyed the show. It was a truly wonderful experience, and we are excited to bring lots of ideas back into the classroom to further the children’s learning. There are a few more photos of the day on the website.

It’s a Bear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Tuesday Nursery took part in a Road safety workshop. This build on their previous knowledge of road safety and they are now experts!

Again, there are more photos on the website.

A huge thank you to Amelia’s Daddy for being our Secret Story teller this week.

Nursery and Reception are working hard during our Nativity rehearsals. Our dress rehearsal to the school is this Monday, and the show to parents will be on Wednesday 14th December at 9.30. Your child’s role will be displayed at the Nursery entrance. This may have an impact on where you would like to sit in the hall, as the stage is in the centre of the hall, and the children placed at certain corners of it.

Deco Day!

We had such a wonderful day today, making Christmas cards, calendars, decorating our Gingerbread Men and our Christmas tree decorations!

A huge thank you to all the parents that were able to help out today, it is very much appreciated.

There are more photos on the website.

img_3535 img_3539 img_3545 img_3687

The children’s Gingerbread will be sold on Saturday’s Christmas fair. Any that are not sold, will be able to be bought from Nursery next week.

Have a great weekend

An exciting end to the week.

This week Nursery have been discussing how to live a healthy lifestyle- eating healthily, exercising regularly and keeping clean. Pirates were unable to stay very healthy because they couldn’t store fresh food for very long.

img_3513 img_3422 img_3417img_3515

We went on a number hunt around the school. We found lots of familiar numbers in our environment!

img_3465 img_3462 img_3469

It was a very spotty day in Nursery today! The children made a great effort to support Children in Need by wearing spots. They all looked fantastic.

img_3534 img_3529

We had a special visit today from Ethan’s Dad, Mr Barnes, who is a Police Officer and two PCSOs. It was a very exiting morning! We got to try on uniform and sit inside a CID car! A huge thank you to Mr Barnes for organising the visit.

img_3472 img_3560 img_3575 img_3582

Please take a look at the website for plenty more photos.

A reminder that next week is a 4 day week. Friday, school will be closed.

Have a lovely weekend all.


Aye! Aye! Captain

The children have shown a keen interest in Pirates!

To take this interest further, we have been doing many Pirate themed activities in the Nursery. These have included map making, going on a treasure hunt, Ship building and role-playing as a group.

img_3343 img_3391 img_3410

Please see the website for more photos.

As part of our Talk4Writing Literacy scheme, we have been re-telling the story of ‘Captain Plank and his Pirate Adventure’. The children have been using a story map and actions to re-tell the story. The children are now excellent story tellers and have been transferring the vocabulary they have learnt into their role-play. Next week, we will be innovating the story, changing elements of it to make it their own.

Thank you to Brandon’s Dad for being our Secret Story teller this week.

Have a great weekend.