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We are pleased to introduce drumming lessons after the Easter break 2018.

RhythmRoom will be starting in the summer term and if you would like to register your child (Yr 3 - Y6) for lessons please visit the link below to complete a registration form.

Alternatively, view their website at telephone 01908 418570.


Music lessons will start week commencing 11th September 2017, apart from guitar which will start on Wednesday 6th September.

Piano will be on Monday, Violin on Tuesday, Guitar on Thursday. Please ensure your child has their instrument in school on the correct day.

You are charged for 33 lessons a year.  There are 38 weeks in the school year so if your child has not had 11 lessons in any one term they will be made up by the end of the academic year.

From September 2017 we will be offering the following instrumental tuition:

Guitar                                           for Years 3 to 6

Violin                                            for Years 3 to 6

Piano                                            for Years 1 to 6

We are able to offer 30 minute lessons in a group of 2 children at £110, 3/4 children at £77 or individual (20 mins) at £148.50 and individual (30 mins) at £220 per term.    

Under the Wider Opportunities scheme, through the Hertfordshire Music Service, we will be teaching ukelele to all of the children in Year 3 and recorder to Year 2 during normal lesson times.  These lessons are free of charge and recorders and ukeleles will be provided by the school.

If you wish to hire an instrument the following music shops may be able to assist:

         Thwaites Music                     01923 232412   (String Instruments)

Herga Music                         01923 249222

Britannia (St Albans)             01727 846055